Pahrump Valley Museum: A Look Back Into History

History has been a part of our life and evolution as humans. It often sparks interest in our curious minds. If you find it fascinating, then Pahrump Valley Museum is where you should be. About Pahrump Valley Museum Pahrump Valley is a Mojave desert valley located in the western part of Nevada. From Pahrump, you

Laughlin Labyrinths: Helping Lost Souls Find Their Center

Labyrinths are the perfect example of life, full of twists and turns. However, despite the reroutes and countless paths, labyrinths teach us to remain calm. Discover the beauty of the Laughlin desert and be amazed by the human-made stone mazes in Laughlin Labyrinths. About Laughlin Labyrinths Wes Dufek initiated Laughlin Labyrinths. Seven years ago, as

Dragon Ridge Country Club: A Luxurious Club Overlooking the Las Vegas Valley

Do you want to have fun and engage in active social recreation? Dragon Ridge Country Club has amenities and services for golf, swimming, and tennis. They also have an athletic center that provides personal training and fitness programs; and ballrooms and galleries for special events and weddings. They offer memberships for the following: Golf Tennis

Stupidiotic: What’s Dumb Is Done

Stupidiotic’s tagline is “I know you are, but so am I.” Each of us has our own goofy and funny side, but most of us are too shy to let it all out, especially with strangers. Right? Stupidiotic Las Vegas is a novelty store that will bring out all the wackiness inside you. Stupidiotic believes

Vegas Superkarts: Real Outdoor Go-Kart Racing

After a stressful work at the office, overloaded projects and exams at school, and busy schedules, don’t we all want to take a break? Try out new things to give ourselves the indulgence we long for. Relaxation provides us with peace of mind, prevents overthinking, and hinders negative thoughts. Life can be repetitive. Since we

The Original Capo’s Restaurant and Speakeasy

Traditional but timeless. This is what the Original Capo’s Restaurant and Speakeasy has to offer. It welcomes its guests with a speakeasy entrance, with a combination of quiet and elegant approach. The recipes of the restaurant have been passed through generations and successfully combines good food and a good atmosphere. What makes the place even

Kyle Canyon: A Sanctuary Away from the Hustle and Bustle of the City

There is more to Las Vegas than the glitzy casino hotels. About 23 miles from Las Vegas, guests can find Kyle Canyon, which offers limited picnic sites on a seasonal basis. The area is often open daily through the warm months. During cold months, the place only accepts visitors when the weather permits.  What To

Lee Canyon: More than Just a Ski Resort

It is an undeniable fact that Vegas is the house for all the famous casinos, nightlife, entertainment, and urban living. But what lies close to all these is a place that seems to be the total opposite. This is the side of Nevada anyone would wish to see. Being a 17-acre canyon with a small

Belmont, Nevada: Fascination with the Hint of Goosebumps

Do you want to take your adventure to the next level? Are you finding somewhere to go to appease your wanderlust spirit? Belmont, Nevada is fit for you most, especially if you are fond of going to ghost towns or creepy places. Fascination with the hint of goosebumps, this is what Belmont has in store

Colorado Belle: A Riverboat in the Banks of the Colorado River

Update: Colorado Belle to remain closed ‘indefinitely’ One should make their life full of spectacular and spontaneous adventures. Seeking the most unusual things in life is one of the things no one can ever regret. Experiences are memories that will last a lifetime. The Colorado Belle can satisfy anyone’s hunger for a thrilling experience. Having