Lee Canyon: More than Just a Ski Resort

It is an undeniable fact that Vegas is the house for all the famous casinos, nightlife, entertainment, and urban living. But what lies close to all these is a place that seems to be the total opposite. This is the side of Nevada anyone would wish to see. Being a 17-acre canyon with a small community residing in it, Lee Canyon is a good place than can also be a place for recreation and relaxation. It boasts of several activities, families, groups of friends or even solo packers can do. 

Things to do

1. Skiing and Snowboarding

Above all things, Lee Canyon is famous for skiing and snowboarding. Securing a season pass is a must if one decides to take the challenge. This pass is for those who wish to enjoy the adventure for months.

For those who would like to do it short-term, a lift ticket worth $39 can be an option. This ticket is available any day of the season, which means one can visit any time of the month. Classes are also available for kids and even adults where they can have their coach.

2. Snow Tubing

Perfect for families, snow tubing is a friendly activity, even for those who are not pros when it comes to ski. Snow tubing is an activity where a person rides on top of a tube and then glides down on either water or snow. Tubes are also interchangeably known as “donuts” or “biscuits” due to its shape and form.

Lee Canyon offers this activity at a rate of only $25-$30. At an affordable cost, guests can already enjoy an hour and a half of sliding down the steep lanes in the area.

3. Snowshoeing

It has already been a few years since Lee Canyon began offering excursions on snowshoeing to its guests. Although it is still not fully operational just yet, the activity is now part of the site’s calendar. Keep an eye on them as they can be offered anytime soon.

Bristlecone Loop can be an excellent route for those who have an interest in the activity. This route is unique, especially for those who are first-timers and are still trying it out.

4. Relaxing

What better way to enjoy the season of winter and snow than to relax? Lee Canyon got its guests who are not athletically-inclined covered. One can enjoy reading a book with a cup of tea or hot chocolate on the side.

Having a bonfire in the mountains with a good company is also a good idea. This is a perfect time to relax after a day full of fun activities.

5. Hiking

Lee Canyon sits at the north of Mount Charleston – an area where hiking is a must to see the beauty of nature. Mount Charleston has more than 60 miles of trails that are friendly to anyone planning to hike. The area has options of routes ranging from beginners to advanced goers.

Some trails are unavailable to the public during the winter season due to the snow covering the mountains. Springtime is the perfect season for hiking, so be sure to come back.

Places to visit

1. Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort

Lee Canyon Ski and Snowboard Resort, officially known as Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort is the official base lodge of the site. The resort is usually open from November through April. The times with the best snow last from February through March.

The area offers a total of 385 skiable acres with 11 alpine trails for both skiing and snowboarding.

2. Camp Lee Canyon

At the Ponderosa Pines of Lee Canyon is where the Camp sits with a 17-acre land provided by the United States Forest Service. The scenic surroundings of Toiyabe National Forest are what surrounds Camp Lee Canyon. 

Several amenities are also available for guests such as an archery range, picnic area, playground amphitheater with fire pit, and even sports courts. Camp Lee Canyon can cater to sleeping accommodations of up to 145 guests.

3. McWilliams Campground

After the renovation and extension, including the Dolomite Campground, McWilliams is now capable of accommodating more guests. Campfire programs are still available in the camp during warmer seasons. Sites are available for both summer and winter seasons.

How to prep

1. For first-timers, make sure to secure the following:

Proper clothing

Proper clothing must be taken into consideration when visiting Lee Canyon. May it be summer or winter time – it is always important to be comfortable when traveling and engaging in physical activities.

Lift ticket

A lift ticket is a pass guests usually attach to their outerwear when skiing or snowboarding. This ticket indicates that the person already paid the necessary fees, which provide them access to the ski lift. Such means of transportation brings guests to and from the mountain. 

Ski and snowboard equipment

Of course, ski and snowboard equipment are necessary for guests planning to take the activity. Failure to secure the said equipment will prohibit the guest from participating.

Book a class

For beginners and first-timers, it is advisable to book courses for both skiing and snowboarding. Through this class, kids and even adults will have access to a coach that will guide them with the activity.

Tip: Book online to save at least 25%

Booking at least a day before visiting Lee Canyon helps the guest save by at most of the rate for walk-in guests. 

2. Gear to bring


This layer shall be the lowest one touching the skin. It is ideal for wearing synthetic materials for the base layers.


Fleece, polar, and other synthetic materials are good options to choose from for mid-layers. These materials quickly dry up and still provide warmth to the body even when damp.


Water and wind-resistant materials are good items to use for outerwear. Outerwear is the jackets and pants and is the last layer of clothing.

Gloves and eyewear

Gloves and eyewear are the most important gears to bring. These two should be waterproof to protect the guest best.


Helmets are legal requirements for any guest taking a lesson under the age of 17. Aside from this, it is always a good idea to wear such protective gear by even those beyond that age for extra protection.

3. Extra tips for kids

  1. Do not skip breakfast

  2. Make sure they are ready for the long car ride

  3. Pack extra clothes

  4. Bring sunblock

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