First Friday Las Vegas

What is the first word that comes into your mind when you hear Las Vegas? Some people would probably say casinos. The city is full of casinos after all, which even led people from all over the world to dub it as the Sin Capital of the World.

For me, the word is vibrant, and it’s not because of the nightlife entertainment that some highly regard the city for. Rather, it is because of the love for the arts that is evident in its culture. This is what non-profit organization First Friday Foundation is upholding through its First Friday Las Vegas Event.

Do a little shopping at First Friday in Las Vegas.


The First Friday Foundation is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization that aims to promote local culture and arts through the First Friday Las Vegas festival. It is a huge believer in the creativity of Las Vegans and how creativity is deeply embedded in the culture of Las Vegas.

One of the murals you’ll see at First Friday

Basically, First Friday Las Vegas is an event that gives all sorts of artists and food vendors a space to showcase their passions. It is a gathering of the local community in support of local art and culture. What for? Well, it seems to me that it is all for the purpose of upholding the creativity in the culture of Las Vegas.


First Friday is held in various places around Downtown Las Vegas. This includes the Las Vegas Art District, the Fremont District, and the Smith Center. Some of the locations where the previous First Friday Las Vegas events were held are at 1025 First Street and Charleston and Casino Center. The event usually takes place from 5 pm to 11 pm. 

If you wish to showcase your art masterpieces, you can submit your application online. A jury composed of three, which can be gallery owners, photographers, or artists, will review and approve it. The application has stringent requirements. For more info, click this link. 

There are Food Vendors available at First Friday.

For food vendors, the booth fees are $400 for food trucks, $300 for food tents, and $300 for vendors that offer dessert only. For the last kind, you must send in your menu for approval. Furthermore, the prices may still vary depending on additional requirements. For more info, click here

The admission to the event is free! But as you’ve read, there will be lots of art forms and food. It only implies one thing: bring cash! And oh, you can also attend the event as a volunteer, by the way. You can help in conducting surveys, taking photos, helping in organizing the event, and many more! 

First Friday Foundation also accepts donations and sponsorships. It very much appreciates all organizations that help in making the First Friday Las Vegas possible.


Take part in celebrating local arts, thus your local culture. Check out the video below to see a glimpse of what’s happening in the First Friday Las Vegas. See you there!

18b The Las Vegas Arts District

While most people know Las Vegas as a source of nightlife entertainment, little do they know that the city is also rich in the arts. If you are getting tired of the noise from The Strip, go to the Las Vegas Arts District or 18b for a different Las Vegas experience!

18b Las Vegas Arts District
18b or The Las Vegas Arts District is the home of many creative businesses in Nevada. Image courtesy of the Las Vegas Arts District’s website.


The Las Vegas Arts District is approximately an 18-block neighborhood located at the southern Downtown of Las Vegas. It comprises of creative art galleries, bars, museums, restaurants, art studios, salons, boutiques, and many other businesses! It is also where the famous First Friday Las Vegas is held.

If you are ever around the area, below are some of the popular spots to visit:


ReBAR best bars in vegas
ReBAR is located at 1225 S Main St, Las Vegas, NV 89104. Image courtesy of ReBAR’s website.

ReBAR is the vision of TV producer Derek Stonebarger. It is a combination of a bar and an antique shop, hence the only bar in Las Vegas where everything is for sale! From the ReBAR signage hung at the store to the glass you’re drinking from, everything in the bar is yours for a price!

The Arts Factory

The Arts Factory Las Vegas Arts District
The Arts Factory is located at 107 E. Charleston Las Vegas NV 89101. Image courtesy of Downtown Las Vegas Arts District’s website.

The Arts Factory features the largest city mural in Las Vegas! It houses around 20 businesses that are involved in various forms of art such as photography, graphic design, and fine art. It comprises of galleries, boutiques, art studios, and many more! For artists, the Arts Factory offers an opportunity to collaborate and network with other artists as well.

The Art Square

The Art Square Las Vegas Arts District
The Art Square is located at 1025 S 1st St, Las Vegas, Nevada 89101. Image courtesy of Downtown Las Vegas Arts District’s website.

Similar to The Arts Factory, The Art Square also features several art-related businesses. Some of the businesses it houses are the Cockroach Theater, the Artifice Bar, a salon, and even a wedding chapel!

Atomic Style Lounge

Atomic Style Lounge unique salons in Las Vegas
Atomic Lounge Style is located at 1237 S. Main Las Vegas NV 89104. Image courtesy of Atomic Lounge Style’s Facebook page.

Atomic Style Lounge is a salon that can give you both a look from the past and the present. It provides styling, makeup, party, and wedding services!

The salon has a collectibles store that features items from the 50s and the 60s. It also sells current items with a touch of retro.

For special events, some bands play on the stage at the front of the store to give a sweet musical treat!

LV Healing Garden 

Las Vegas Healing Garden Las Vegas Arts District
Las Vegas Healing Garden is located at 1015 S. Casino Center Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89101. Image courtesy of Las Vegas Healing Garden’s Facebook page.

The Las Vegas Healing Garden was built as a tribute to the victims of the tragic October 1st incident, wherein a gunman took and injured many lives. It features a remembrance wall, trees,  and flowers, as the community behind it aims to “create something beautiful out of something horrific.”


Explore a side of Las Vegas that is unlikely the Las Vegas many knows. Go to Las Vegas Arts District today!

Frankie’s Tiki Room


Are you looking for a good place to drink tonight? A place where you can just loosen up and relax for a while? If the answer to these is yes, then an option can be going to a tiki bar! One of the popular tiki bars in Las Vegas is Frankie’s Tiki Room. The interior of the place is nothing short of the tiki culture. It’s no surprise considering not only one or two artists contributed to the overall design and vibe of the famous bar. There were many.

Frankie's Tiki Room Best Drinks Vegas
Located at 1712 W. Charleston, Frankie’s Tiki Room is open 24/7. Image courtesy of Frankie’s Tiki Room’s Facebook page.

Frankie’s Tiki Room has a 4.7-star rating on Facebook and a 4.5-star rating on both Yelp and Trip Advisor. In the latter website, the common great points about the bar in the review highlights were the drinks, the entertainment on the TV, and the atmosphere of the bar.

Don’t know about other tiki bars, but Frankie’s Tiki Room offers more than just visually-appealing and delicious cocktails and rum drinks. Read on below to know more about what Frankie’s Tiki Room offers.

1. Drinks

Let’s start by elaborating on the drinks before moving on to the other things that the bar offers. Frankie’s Tiki Room offers a wide selection of drinks. Its menu enumerates thirty-two drinks. They are all priced at $10. If you want your drinks served in a souvenir cup, the price is at $25.

In one of the review highlights from Yelp, one recommended trying the Fink Bomb because it has a strong taste and lots of alcohol. The drink is a mixture of coconut rum, 160-proof rum, melon liqueur, and pineapple juice. The 160-proof rum got me interested. It seems like a real bomb drink!

2. Merchandise

Frankie’s Tiki Room has a merchandise store! Some of the bar’s products are paintings, mugs, glasses, shirts, and gift certificates. They all have a touch of Frankie’s Tiki Room of course.

The bar also sells a book that tells the history of tiki in Las Vegas as well as the recipes of some of the drinks of Frankie’s Tiki Room! Pretty interesting, right? If you want to buy, know that you have the option to purchase any of the items online.

Frankie's Tiki Room Merchandise Liquid Vacation Book
One of the merchandise items of Frankie’s Tiki Room is a book called Liquid Vacation. Image courtesy of Frankie’s Tiki Room’s Facebook page.

3. Casino 

Frankie’s Tiki Room is not only a bar where you could drink and smoke. It’s also a bar where you cand play! Yes, it also has a casino where you can play video poker, blackjack, keno, and slots! 


According to various resources, the idea of a tiki bar came from Ernest Raymond Beaumont Gantt or better known as Donn Beach. He grew up sailing to faraway islands together with his grandfather who is a bootlegger, a person who illegally sells liquors during the Prohibition Era. Eventually, he opened his bar called Donn Beachcomber in Los Angeles in 1933.

Various locals and celebrities were curious about the unique decor and drinks as well as the laid back atmosphere of Donn Beachcomber. They embraced the concept of a tiki bar, sparking others to replicate the concept. Soon, tiki bars were opened in various parts of the United States such as Columbus, Ohio, and Florida.

Tiki Bar

Back then, tiki bars served as an escape from the harsh reality of World War II. At present, I think it could serve as a place where people could unplug from social media. It’s a good place to connect with peers and appreciate life.

Although the tiki bar decreased in popularity in the 1970s, it remained. As per a 2017 article from The Business Insider, some bartenders nowadays are even modifying past recipes of tiki drinks. They are adding a taste of the modern era, giving customers a taste of both the past and the present.


Get your much-deserved break. Drink, smoke and play at Frankie’s Tiki Room! The bar, which many says has some of the best drinks in Vegas, is located at 1712 W. Charleston and is open 24/7!

ReBAR Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for nightlife entertainment. The number of bars to go to in the vibrant city is simply abundant. Uniqueness has become a major factor in staying ahead of the competition among bars in Las Vegas. People who want to enter the bar industry are exploring ideas to make their business stand out from the rest. For a bar in Downtown, uniqueness doesn’t seem to be a problem. Specifically located at 1225 S. Main Street, ReBAR is nothing short of unique and innovative. In the simplest way to describe it, it is a combination of a bar and an antique store!

ReBAR is the only bar where everything inside is for sale like these neon signages.
Explore ReBAR (click here)


From the stool you’re sitting on to the glass you’re drinking from, every item in ReBAR is yours to keep or consume for a price! Proceeds from some of the food and drinks on its menu will go to certain charity institutions, which you will know more about as you read this article. 


ReBAR was the dream business of entrepreneur and TV producer Derek Stonebarger, one of the co-owners of the antique store and bar. He was diagnosed with cancer but he was in the middle of chemotherapy when the construction of ReBAR began. His cancer was in remission eventually.

Derek Stonebarger is a Downtown Las Vegas activist, entrepreneur, and Emmy© award-winning TV producer.

You don’t have to have cancer to resonate with Stonebarger. People delay doing the things they want because of doubts and fears. When the thing on the line is something they are passionate about, they obsess on making it perfect, delaying doing it in fear that it would end up a failure.

Personally, it seems to me that it was cancer that helped Stonebarger realize that life is indeed short. There’s no better way to live life than to seize every moment of every day. Additionally, nothing is ever certain nor perfect in this world. We just make choices and make life happen for us. Kudos to Stonebarger for choosing to make it happen!


ReBar offers draft beers, wines, and charitable cocktails. The price starts at $3, $4, and $4 respectively. The profits from the charitable cocktails will go to certain foundations. This includes Nevada Preservation Foundation, Las Vegas Arts District, The Huntridge Foundation, Local Animal Charities, Opportunity Village, and After-School All-Stars. 


ReBAR serves homemade sausages and frankfurters on pretzel buns.

For the food, ReBAR offers vegan and all-beef bar food. Some of these are Vegan Kalbiesa, John Mull’s sausages, and hotdog. A portion of the sales of John Mull’s sausages served on Great Buns Pretzel Roll will go to the Three Square Food Bank, an organization that provides food assistance to Southern Nevadans. 

rebar unique bar las vegas
ReBAR combines two businesses: a bar and an antique store.

ReBAR also holds amazing events such as open mic nights! In addition, you can also purchase antique items in the bar such as beer steins, cuckoo clocks, and bike parts.


ReBAR is open 7 days a week:

  • Sunday to Wednesday: 11 am to 12 am
  • Thursday: 11 am to 1 am
  • Friday to Saturday: 11 am to 2 am

Call 702-349-2283 or visit its Facebook account for more information.

The Laundry Room

Found in Downtown Las Vegas is an artful cocktail lounge called Commonwealth, which offers live music, DJs and a rooftop bar. It has a collision of art and architectural influences. The pre-prohibition era theme stirred this. You would never know that there is a secret bar at the back of the Commonwealth called The Laundry Room.

The Laundry Room: 7 New Reasons to Hit Las Vegas, according to the New York Post

The bar is a hidden speakeasy with a drink menu full of classic cocktails and swing music. Sending a text message to this number +1.702.701.1466 will get you a reservation.

Explore their 360° Virtual Tour

A Bar with Rules

The Laundry Room has a few strict rules to follow. We have compiled them just for our readers. Here are some:

  • No photography is allowed.
  • Dress code is business-casual.
  • There is a two-hour maximum stay.
  • Don’t scream for bartender’s attention (This is a major violation of the rules. You will be asked to leave if you do this).
  • Don’t talk about fight club or other inappropriate topics.

Used to be a former laundry room of El Cortez Hotel

So why is it called The Laundry Room? It used to be a working laundry facility. Business cards are actually small clothespins. It is just a small room decorated with images of Hollywood sirens such as Marlene Dietrich and Rita Hayworth as well as doors on the ceiling.

Explore their 360° Virtual Tour

Personal Bartender Touch

Some that have gone to The Laundry Room say that they like going because of its personalized service. You can request anything that interests you in a drink from the bartender. They manage this because of the small capacity. So if you’re looking for a place that is intimate, then give this place a shot. Send them a message now.