About Secret.Vegas


Part of our mission in Secret Vegas is to provide our readers – both locals and tourists in Vegas – a comprehensive guide of all things that they are yet to discover in Vegas. For years, Vegas has become a brand most synonymously associated with casinos. However, living and growing in Vegas has allowed us to see beyond these bright lights. We have seen the true beauty and wonder of Vegas, and this is what we want people to experience as well.

As they say, people can find joy in reconnecting with nature and exploring beyond the normal. Secret Vegas aims to provide people from all walks of life an opportunity to discover and rediscover Las Vegas with a new perspective.

That said, Secret Vegas is your go-to online guide for uncovering all of Vegas’ hidden wonders beyond the bright lights of the state’s many casinos.  Whether you are looking for an out-of-this-world adventure or discovering historical places, Secret Vegas serves you juicy and informative details on how you can enjoy more of Vegas beyond the Strip and all its worldly offerings.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas? You’ll soon find out when you explore Vegas and all its hidden secrets.