Laughlin Labyrinths: Helping Lost Souls Find Their Center

Labyrinths are the perfect example of life, full of twists and turns. However, despite the reroutes and countless paths, labyrinths teach us to remain calm. Discover the beauty of the Laughlin desert and be amazed by the human-made stone mazes in Laughlin Labyrinths.

About Laughlin Labyrinths

Wes Dufek initiated Laughlin Labyrinths. Seven years ago, as he was walking with his dog, he saw this vast space. And the idea of building a labyrinth on it struck him.

He wanted to help everyone find their peaceful center to journey and live life with an energized soul. Dufek invested all his effort and time to collect rocks using a milk crate. It took him three years of hard work to finish the project. The 1st labyrinth was made for three months and a half starting from January 2012.

He had to endure elbow pains from lifting the crates. However, it did not stop him from building the labyrinths. There are nine stone labyrinths in a 1/4 mile radius of each other, ranging from 25-55 feet. Recently, a 33 foot 7-circuit square labyrinth and a 36 foot 7-circuit octagon were added to the collection.

Wes find labyrinths fascinating because it is present in different cultures across the globe as if it is instinctual. Also, as travelers walk through the path, calmness and relaxation cling tightly to them.

At first, many people wouldn’t believe him, including his brother. However, when Dufek let him walk inside the circle maze, he was amazed. Yet, the main essence of Laughlin Labyrinths is to give mental relaxation, reduce blood pressure, and teach useful breathing techniques to combat insomnia and chronic pain. Dufek also wants to make people understand the importance of being focused at the moment as you live.

Laughlin Labyrinths are accessible. It is near to almost all hotels on the strip. Remember that it is an uphill trek, and you need to pass the 98 staircases for you to get to the street.

Labyrinth Shapes

Eleven- Circuit Chartres

One of Wes’ masterpieces is the Eleven-Circuit Chartres. While you are traversing, you can hear your voice, your inner voice. This labyrinth goal is to open your eyes and ears to yourself to who you are, through your voice.

Cretan Maze

This is also a labyrinth that is the same pattern as a piece in Greece called Cretan, shaped like a human brain. Cretan labyrinths are often associated with the Greek mythology character Minotaur.

Greeks believed that this is the shape of a labyrinth where Minotaur was confined for a long time.

Other Labyrinth Forms

The labyrinths also come in forms of the octagon, triangle, and square. Each of them has different sizes, which also entails different time duration to finish.

What to Remember?

Before you go there

Laughlin Labyrinths were built from sweat and blood. Remember that when you go there, leave the place the way you arrive. Never bring any stones with you as it may damage the beauty and formation of the labyrinth.

Wes Dufek is very delicate with his craft since it adds beauty and thrill to Laughlin’s place. Don’t leave any trash in the area. It is also suggested that you give donations in any denominations to help maintain the labyrinths.

Check the weather first before planning a walk to the labyrinths. Make sure that it is not too hot and windy to avoid the blow of tiny sand particles. The best time to go there is in the morning.

How far is Laughlin from Las Vegas?

The distance between Laughlin and Las Vegas is 77 miles. The road distance is 96.8 miles, which can be traveled in 1 hour and 35 minutes.

Getting there

Turn right at the first cross street onto Laughlin Civic Drive. Turn left onto Thomas Edison Drive, following for about 1 mile. Remember to park with caution to avoid the dislocation of the stone formation in the labyrinth.

How long does it take to finish the whole series of labyrinths?

People that have been to Laughlin Labyrinths suggest that you must allow 2 hours for you to finish the whole labyrinths in the area. Each maze can be walked through for about 5 to 7 minutes.

Quick Tip:

Laughlin Labyrinths is a place of contemplation and restoration. Treat the area with respect. Aside from the hard work of the Laughlin local Wes Dufek, remember that people from different walks of life have gone a long way to visit this magnificent human-made structure.

Make use of your time there. Be one with yourself and reflect on the things going on with your life as you walk the Laughlin Labyrinths.

Other things to do in Laughlin

Take a Boat Ride

Another appealing aspect of the Laughlin town is its proximity to the Colorado River. There are a lot of tour packages you can choose from. Imagine how relaxing it would be to feel the refreshing air while you are on the top deck.

Relaxation and serenity never stop the moment you leave Laughlin Labyrinths. You can enjoy this boat ride while viewing the panoramic sight of the town.

Two Time Zones

You will be a-maze-d of how a four-minute drive will give you a one hour time difference. The time discrepancy is caused by the longitude dividing Arizona and Colorado River. You can shift from Pacific to Mountain time in an instant!

Classic Car Museum

There are more than classic and vintage cars lined up every day in Laughlin’s first hotel and casino. It is located in the Riverside. There is a $2 entrance charge on the third floor.

Free drinks in Casinos

Drinks are free in Laughlin if you’re gambling. May it be poker or blackjack. There are lots of casinos to choose from along the Riverside.

Riverwalk, Casinos, and Hotels are only seven to ten minutes away from the labyrinths. There are no pre-booking or registration fees when you go to Laughlin Labyrinths. Enjoy the town of Laughlin with your family and loved ones.

You may also want to check out Pahrump Valley Winery and Stompapalooza when in Nevada.

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