Pahrump Valley Museum: A Look Back Into History

History has been a part of our life and evolution as humans. It often sparks interest in our curious minds. If you find it fascinating, then Pahrump Valley Museum is where you should be.

About Pahrump Valley Museum

Pahrump Valley is a Mojave desert valley located in the western part of Nevada. From Pahrump, you can travel to Death Valley and Las Vegas. This place is the perfect description of a history well-preserved.

In the year 1991, the Pahrump Valley Museum rose to life. It is the result of effort, hard work, thorough planning, and dedication of two great minds. The founders of this historical society were Harry “Button” Ford and Charles Gallivan.

In every action made lies an objective. The main goal for building the museum was to showcase the life of Native Americans before modernization. The everyday struggle before electricity, phone service, and the necessary technologies came to town.

The work of Ford and Gallivan continues through Marilyn Davis, the Museum Director. Marilyn was originally from Denver, CO, but her heart brought her to Nevada. She has been living in Pahrump for 18 years and served in the museum for six years.

She emphasizes how great the ancestors before us were. As an excellent resource in Pahrump’s history, you can ask her anything you want to know. She’ll surely attend to your needs without hesitation.

Pahrump Valley Museum is still currently growing today. It is expanding a few more square meters to its original land size. It gave more room for artifacts and exciting stories of memorabilia to be passed down to their next generation.


Early man

It is better to always take a 180 degrees turn to where we came from. The past makes up the present and the future. Items from the early settlers of Pahrump Village are openly displayed in the museum.

From cowboy hats, Old Spanish trail remnants to the items collected during the wars the locals fought. There are also fossils way back the time of early Anglo-settlers.

Minerals and precious gems were also collected from the glory days of the mining business. Even rare silver coins from the famous Binion Heist are up for display for our eyes.

Authentic buildings

Upon entering the museum, you’ll get a nostalgic feeling. Seemingly, a blast from the past. It has acquired some of the historic infrastructures built way back the early years of Pahrump’s foundation.

One of the inculcated missions of the museum is to preserve these relocated structures ongoingly. It includes Raycraft and Bowman tie houses, the old Pahrump General Store from 1902, the original one-room schoolhouse from 1944, and two redwood silos.

Aside from buildings, there is also equipment used by local farmers in ranches and mines. There is a collection of automotive items. These include old tractors, cars, engines, trucks, and even harvesting machinery.

Native American Artifacts

Each resident of the valley made sure to take part in their history. They had offered their family heirloom and artifacts to be placed in the museum. Inside, Pahrump furniture is depicting the pioneer lifestyles of families.

Books are initially written by the people who lived in Pahrump opt for display. Not only the exhibits show the richness of their history but also through words in the paper. Admittedly, it is something to be proud of.

Yucca Mountain and Nevada Test Site

A part of the museum features the Yucca Mountain Waste Repository History exhibit. Wherein a few monitors are placed for viewing presentations about his project. Alongside are beautiful photographs explaining the events that took part in this facility.

Tourists all over the world swarm to see the lovely display. On January 11, 1951, the site was permitted to test a nuclear device. Finding out more about how many devices were tested, sure is fun.

Test site tours are open but must be booked a year before your visit. The site is active as the first responder during potential terrorist attacks. It still acts as a storage for low-level radioactive wastes.

Desert Garden

Most of us enjoy the company of plants: especially the beautiful looking succulents, cacti, ground cover, and flowering bushes. As you step into the Pahrump Valley Museum, various species of these plants will catch your sense of sight.

The Pahrump Valley Garden Club makes sure to maintain the beauty and health of the plants. They give opportunities for others to appreciate the vegetation in deserts. You can find the Blue Star Memorial Plaque in the cactus garden intended to pay homage to brave veterans.


Speeches and lectures help us gain more knowledge. During these events, our minds work like a sponge that absorbs new ideas and useful insights. The Pahrump Valley Museum offers lectures on how their town grew into how it is now.

Stories of Death Valley are also open for discussion. Since it is only 60 miles away from Death Valley, it is considerably near. If you’re planning to go there after your visit to Pahrump, be prepared for the stories they’ve shared.

Fascinating Facts

Main Street Pahrump

The museum management carries out plans to recreate the old appearance of Pahrump. Their dream is about to come true as they start to reassemble ancient buildings. It is to remind the people both its residents and visitors of the greatness these infrastructures once radiated.

President Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln is known as the 16th U.S. President. A man of honor and compassion towards his fellow countrymen. It is enthralling that the Pahrump Valley Museum dedicated an exhibit to him.

The exhibit is named Kariel and Jean Huff President Lincoln Memorabilia Collection to pay their respect to him since he was the one in office when Nevada became a state in 1864.

Be a Member

The Pahrump Valley Museum and Historical Society wishes everybody to be a part of their little community. They are encouraging people to sign up and participate in their activities. For only a small amount, you can have privileges as a member, may it be yearly or a lifetime.

Contact Details


401 E Basin Ave
Pahrump, NV

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Store Hours:

9 am-5 pm (Tuesday-Sunday)

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