Stupidiotic: What’s Dumb Is Done

Stupidiotic’s tagline is “I know you are, but so am I.” Each of us has our own goofy and funny side, but most of us are too shy to let it all out, especially with strangers. Right? Stupidiotic Las Vegas is a novelty store that will bring out all the wackiness inside you.

Stupidiotic believes that everyone is fond of doing stupid and foolish things for fun. So, this store creates its products in an UN-genius and ingenious way possible. Stupidiotic wants to offer its customers a wacky and exciting experience every time they browse the store.

How It All Started

It was instigated last 2005. Initially, it was a store that offered novelty toys. Eventually, the creators desired to create products of their own, that are unique and original. Then, they decided to make this product available on their website.

In 2007, they opened their brick and mortar retail store in Big Bear, California. Later on, they decided to open in Las Vegas to have a market that will be more open and will appreciate their products.

Stupidiotic (Stoo-pid-ee-ah-dick) is a trademark brand of this, that, what, and why not. This company believes that there is always a sincere and hopeful spirit in the core of every Stupidiotic thing. 

What’s dumb is done. Now make things better.

Taking drinking into a different level

Drinking with the gang is fun already, have you imagined taking it to the next level? Stupidiotic products will add more fire to your wasted nights with their drunky stuff. You can count the number of beers you opened with their beer counter. 

Stupidiotic Spin the Shot

Spin the bottle is fun, but you can try their “Spin the Shot” product. Place your shot glass at the center at the top of the spinning turret and take the arrow a spin. Whoever the arrow is pointing to takes the shot.

“Shot Roulette Wheel” will decide whether you spin again, take the shot, truth or dare, or tell a rhyme. This roulette will give you a dash of challenge while drinking. This game will test your luck.

Can you chug a 30-ounce beer in just 1.75 seconds? Try yourself with the Stupidiotic Chuggler Mug. Attach the built-in funnel hose to your mouth and win the game.  

Having glasses is a total inconvenience, but not this one. This Silly Straw Glasses loops around your ears, and eyes. Feel the cold liquid running through your face while sipping.

Do you think that drinking while inside the bathtub is just in the movies? You can do so. With this Shower Kozy, you can bring your beer inside the shower since this works well on shiny and slippery surfaces. Do not let showering hinder your drinking.

Don’t let eating be boring

Stupidiotic has made things you never imagined but will make eating a lot more convenient. From breakfast, lunch to snacks, they have products for that.

Can you imagine a 2 in 1 spoon? A straw and a spoon as one? Stupidiotic Las Vegas made this Sippy Spoon for you to sip from the bottom of your bowl or your dessert. Also, they have Forktula Fork Spatula, where you can scrape the remaining sauce or ketchup on your plate. 

Are you a pizza lover? If yes, this Portable Pizza Pouch is perfect for you. You can now bring your favorite slice anywhere with this pouch. It is a durable zip-lock with a neck strap pie device.

No more soggy cereals with this “Soggy Cereal Bowl.” This bowl has two separate sections built inside to hold the cereal apart from the milk. There’s a partition that keeps the milk and cereal from mixing. This keeps your cereal crunchy while you’re eating.

Don’t be offended

Offensive Crayons are colorfully crass and crudely named crayon colors to offend everyone within the PC spectrum. Cringey. Distasteful. Insensitive. Appalling. Savage. Nasty.

Not suitable for those with sensitive palettes. Discover the ugly shade of humanity.

People who are not aware of how and where they park their cars are genuinely headaches. Give them these StupidiotiCards. These yellow cards are business card size with “You park like an idiot” message on it. Tuck this card inside their windshield wiper.

Another game for adults is Card Against Humanity. Unlike most of the party games, Cards Against Humanity is as despicable and awkward as you and your friends.

The game is simple. Each round, one player asks a question from a black card, and everyone else answers with their funniest white card.

Presents, Gift Cards, and Greeting Cards

Stupidiotic Las Vegas has greeting cards for anniversaries, birthdays ( even for a belated greeting), for a friend, and a lover. They also have nifty stuff like the Evolution Mug. The Evolution Mug is an 11oz mug that depicts the evolution of man from monkey to a couch potato one.

Do you know someone who brings their phones to the bathroom and takes so long to poop? You can give this toilet timer to them as a gift. Let them know their limitations and see whether it’s already overtime.

They also have gift cards for sale. Gift cards range from 2 USD to 10 USD. Go to their website and out your email address, your name, and the name of your recipients. You can also indicate a personal message for your friend.

Videos and more

If you want to see more of these things, you can visit their website. You can also watch their video tutorials on how to use these products. Also, you can add to cart and order online on the same website.


Las Vegas

It is located on the Las Vegas Strip at the New York Hotel and Casino. Landmark location. There’s also some Stupidiotic stuff available up the “Gotta Have it” store. 

3790 S. Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89109.


The quiet little original location of the Stupidiotic brand. Still the most popular sport in the Village. It is located at 40700 Village Drive, Big Bear, California 92315.

Contact Number

(800) 548-9958 – Las Vegas

+1 800-548-9958- California

Store Hours

The Stupidiotic Store is open every day, 9:00 am – 11:00 pm.

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