Amber Unicorn Books

A bookworm will absolutely love this place. Amber Unicorn Books has a wide array of used books that includes both fiction and non-fiction titles. The bookstore has been in the business for the past three decades. What is fascinating about this bookstore is that it has more than 15,000 of traditional, unique and rare cookbooks.

Inside Amber Unicorn Book Store in Las Vegas
Inside Amber Unicorn Book Store

A Love story Made in a Bookstore

The owners’ enthusiasm for books made them search these copies. The bookstore brought the owners Lou and Myrna together. Lou previously owned a bookstore in California before relocating to Las Vegas. He met Myrna by chance when he apologized to her due to the noise he was causing when he was about to open his store. At first, Myrna shrugged Lou away but an invitation to a dinner date came later and so the two soon enough became a couple.

Store Owners Lou & Myrna - Amber Unicorn
Store Owners Lou & Myrna

Like their marriage which is about passion and love, so Amber Unicorn Books is. There were a few store relocations and a big European book buying trip between the couple. Now they have Las Vegas’ sanctuary for bookworms who have the desire to collect rare and used books. Unfortunately, Lou died last 2017 after a short illness. The show must go on for Myrna who knows that future buyers will treasure the books for a lifetime as they would do.

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