The Neon Boneyard

Most of the time, even the mention of going to a Boneyard scares people away. No one would probably want to accept an invitation to such place. But this particular boneyard in Las Vegas, The Neon Boneyard, may be the one that changes their mind.

The Neon Backyard’s Facade

It started out merely as an attempt to refurbish old neon signs in 1996 then it turned out to be one of the most iconic tourist attractions that Las Vegas now has to offer. The Neon Boneyard showcases a collection of neon signs from various places all around the city. It highlights the culture and identity of the city and its people.

When the year 2005 came, the La Concha Hotel became its official museum visitor center and since then, the museum just kept on growing. It is divided into three different kinds of exhibits: the North Gallery (featuring Brilliant!), the Main Boneyard and the Boneyard Park, a long walk yet a wondrous sight awaits all its guests.

The City’s Most Iconic Art Form in Las Vegas

As it grows, more and more people become a part of the establishment. Different signs and ephemera are collected throughout the city. Each sign is refurbished and creatively placed in the museum. Different artists are given the opportunity as well to let loose their creative talents. They create pieces that will be hosted in special exhibits.

The amazing signs at the Neon Backyard

Ideally, the museum attempts to keep in touch with the trends of today while still incorporating their pieces from 1996 to the present. It is their beautiful way to bring back the old, fix the broken and remind everyone that the past is not always a sight for sore eyes.

Guests and tourists are given the opportunity to choose how they want to go around the museum. You can go with a guide, by yourself or on a limited-access only. Reviews from past visitors highly encourage night visits. After all, it is in the dark that we can appreciate more the light. Given that fact, the darkness of the night sky indeed gives the exhibits the spotlight during tours and visits.

Not Just a Museum

The museum also offers areas within that can be used for parties, weddings, photo shoots, educational trips, and other events.

It caters all sorts of different events that will not only give each bright lights but also great photos to remember.

Some may say that it is just a collection of old things – vintage at the very least, but old nevertheless. What they fail to realize is that each sign exhibits the image of the city. Telling a story about when and where it was from, who created it, who inspired it and what it contributed to the city. Each has a historical artifact that will leave tourists and locals alike in awe.

Taking pictures of unique pieces of art at the Neon Backyard is a photographer’s sanctuary

Walk Towards Memory Lane

Ultimately, may the experience be a walk towards memory lane or a stroll through new sights. It might be hard to stay true to: “what happens here, stays here”, because a visit in the Neon Boneyard will surely be a story to tell and share with everyone.

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