Las Vegas Walking Tours

Looking for something to do in Las Vegas? Why not join the fun, affordable and informative Las Vegas Walking Tours where you’ll be taken to Downtown Las Vegas and learn about the vibrant history of Las Vegas as you walk from past to present on a 2-hour guided tour? DOWNTOWN LAS VEGAS – FREMONT ST.

Nelson Ghost Town: Discover its Dark Past

A mining town once rich in precious golds became the center of murders is now a ghost town. What past does this ghost town hide?  Located roughly 25 miles southwest of Las Vegas, Nelson Ghost Town is accessible via Nevada US 95. In 1775, the town of Nelson was known as Eldorado by the Spaniards,

Gold Point, Nevada: Experience Life in a Ghost Town

If you’ve been to Nelson Ghost Town and had a swell time, then Gold Point, Nevada, is worth your time to visit. Gold Point would be the place that would change your perspective on ghost towns in general.  About Gold Point, Nevada Nestled in Esmeralda County, Gold Point is southwest of Goldfield, almost near the

Belmont, Nevada: Fascination with the Hint of Goosebumps

Do you want to take your adventure to the next level? Are you finding somewhere to go to appease your wanderlust spirit? Belmont, Nevada is fit for you most, especially if you are fond of going to ghost towns or creepy places. Fascination with the hint of goosebumps, this is what Belmont has in store

Historic Railroad Trail: One of Nevada’s Unique Trail Experiences

The Historic Railroad Trail, located near Lake Mead Visitor Center, is one of Nevada’s unique trail experiences. It brings us into direct contact with the history of Hoover Dam and the creation of Lake Mead. The mountain and the lake give you an eye-pleasing scenic view. Take your adventure to the next level and experience

Rhyolite Ghost Town

Nevada is home to a wide array of outlets for adventure. Regardless of your unique taste for fun – be it trying out local restaurants, dancing worries away in premium clubs, or exploring outdoors with historical value – there’s a place in it for you! If the last-mentioned adventure appeals to you, then a visit