Vegas Superkarts: Real Outdoor Go-Kart Racing

After a stressful work at the office, overloaded projects and exams at school, and busy schedules, don’t we all want to take a break? Try out new things to give ourselves the indulgence we long for. Relaxation provides us with peace of mind, prevents overthinking, and hinders negative thoughts.

Life can be repetitive. Since we do the same things, go to the same places, undergo the same routine every day, which we view as somehow, tiring. We tend to overlook the importance of it as well as the surprises it unexpectedly brings so, why not go out of your comfort zone?

Recreation can either be done at home or outdoors. If your mind chooses to spend it outside with nature, breathe in the fresh air, and at the same time, test your bravery then, Vegas Superkarts is what you are looking for. A taste of something different and gives off an experience of adventure and satisfaction.

What is Vegas Superkarts?

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The Vegas Superkarts presents “Karting” to the public more innovatively and creatively. Originally, Karting is a sport involving the driving and racing of small automobiles called Go-karts developed from old lawn mower engines. Enabling the rider to seat a few inches off the ground.

Vegas Superkarts was established in the year 2018 by Exotics Racing. The new thrilling place in Las Vegas located right next to the renowned Exotics Racing Driving Center. They were making use of race go-karts on an outdoor track to develop a new sport and entertainment.

What’s great with this is that it can accommodate up to 12 go-karts at the same time in one race. It allows 14-year-olds and adults with at least 55” tall to drive the go-karts. Another new feature is the one that offers two seating, which means that those who want to join with the height of 42” tall can tag along as passengers.

It feels nostalgic when you are riding the newly-developed go-karts. The feeling of childhood rushes towards the back of our minds. It also creates a sense of satisfaction, thrill, and pulse-pumping experience worth trying.

Safety Precautions

Our major priority when doing breath-taking stunts and nerve-racking sports is our safety. We often tend to ask questions such as, “What if we do this or that, will it still be safe?” or “Will we be alright in case anything unexpected happens?” Neglecting safety is not an option.

Vegas Superkarts is no exemption to performing these precautionary measures. Before they give out permission to start racing, the participant should watch a safety briefing video. The management assists every individual to safely strap on their helmets before receiving the green flag that indicates go.

Vegas Superkarts App

Not all sports have a counterpart using today’s technology. Making Vegas Superkarts the most unique among all. The coolest feature you can ever have and discover from your experience is the Vegas Superkarts app. An application that you can easily download via iPhone or android. Come to think of it, isn’t it great?

Riders can register online, log-in to an account, and frequently check out the rankings. The app enables them to look at how fast they were during the race. Also, they can compare their performance, their times, and ranks against other drivers and the records in the past.

Other Cool Features

Go-karts are old-fashion automobiles created in the 1950s. Yet Vegas Superkarts offers more than that through twisting and incorporating the technology of the modern world. Making it more fun, and let’s say cool. People from Las Vegas, including the U.S. military who experience riding these Go-karts, have the opportunity to receive a 12-month membership.

The package involves a special price of $25 per race, one complimentary birthday race valid the whole month. Lastly, the Vegas Superkart will also give out ten percent off of all Exotics Racing supercar experiences. The management also suggests night sessions and new junior smaller go-karts for drivers who have the ages eight through 14.

Vegas Superkarts has a website you can visit to book your ticket through choosing which cart you will be using when you arrive on their site. There are two options: the adult cart- SODIKART SR5 270 CC (has a 4-stroke gas engine, a safety roll cage, and an adjustable seat) and the junior cart- SODIKART LR5 (4-stroke gas engine, safety roll cage, adjustable seat, and an adjustable steering wheel).

Through this, you can freely choose which go-kart will appropriately fit you, your family members, or the friends you are with. It can also be the best way to spend and hold a bachelor party, vacation with the officemates or workmates. And maybe to try to clear the clouds in your head through soul-searching by coming with no one but yourself.

Gift Certificates

Thinking of what to give our family or friends as presents can be a headache. It can send you around town and may end up only roaming around buying nothing. Gift certificates are the best answer to your problem.

Vegas Superkarts provides gift certificates that you can buy on their website. From the minimum amount of $35 to $90, $150, $250, $500, and a one-year VSK Membership: $50.

Take Note:


If you wish to participate in the go-kart racing you must be at least ten years old and 50 inches (127 cm) tall.


Vegas Superkarts provides helmets and balaclavas. It has become a part of the rental experience and ensures that the participants or costumers full level of safety.


You must wear comfortable clothes, pants, preferably, closed-toe shoes since it is a requirement in riding the go-karts.

Live Timing & Ranking

The go-kart is connected to a timing software that tallies down precise lap-times and can be watched live on Tv screens. To further check your progress, you can always visit the VEGAS SUPERKARTS App and follow the lap-times during your experience.


You can come inside yet; they may experience an extended wait time. Vegas Superkarts always recommend placing their reservation before coming to the site, especially when coming with a group.

Prices & Fees

There are no additional fees during the experience, you should only pay the amount paid during the booking. They require day licenses or automatic memberships in order to participate in the race. They also offer yearly memberships to those who are willing to join the ever-growing racing community of Vegas Superkarts.


7065 Speedway Blvd

Las Vegas, Nevada

89115 United States

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Operating Hours:

Monday – Sunday, 11:00 am – 6:00 pm

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