Calico Creek Stables: Horse Boarding in Las Vegas

Sitting in the beautiful Calico Basin in Las Vegas, Nevada is the Calico Creek Stables. It is a horse boarding spot with miles of trails perfect for both training and recreation. The trail ride also gives guests access to the red rock national conservation area.

Calico Creek Stables gained good reviews from its guests because of many things. Some of these are the fun and friendly atmosphere it gives, the stable’s well-maintained grass, and all of its other facilities. 

Primary Breeds

Calico Creek Stables offers different breeds of horses for sale. Below are only a few mares and geldings that are available for purchase.


Purebred Arabian Mare

The 900-pound black Arabian mare has impressive records under her belt. Her ability as a strong competitor is topped with her potential to become a strong broodmare. The rate of this Purebred Arabian Mare is currently at $5,000.

Gorgeous Royally Bred Colt

Also, with the Arabian breed, the Colt has several skills and disciplines that make it an equally fierce competitor. It is versatile in ranches, a sport horse, jumper, and hunter among the many. Orion’s father is a 10x National Champion, and the mother is a Scottsdale Champion.

These are only a few of the reasons why the Colt is innately a supreme athlete. This is apart from the Colt being a halter prospect and a future her sire at the same time. The Gorgeous Royally Bred Colty is available at $3,700.

Black Arabians

The Black Arabian Filly is good for breeding, a hunter and halter at the same time. The Filly also has an impressive endurance among its skills and disciplines. An excellent selection of young stock and breeding stock is available at the rate of $7,500 and up.


Chestnut Haflinger Gelding

At the rate of $6,500, one can buy Willy, a Chestnut Haflinger Gelding. Willy is an all-around pick that finds it easy to get along with people and other horses. The gelding also has a lot of experience in trails and arenas.

Sister Haflinger Mare

The 1000-pound team Matty and Molly are sisters a year apart. Complete with shots, the two form a great team together. For interested buyers, they can be bought at $6,500.

Missouri Fox Trotters

Blue Papered Missouri Fox Trotter Mare

Having the training to park and receive commands, this Blue Papered Missouri Fox Trotter Mare is also well-bred. She will surely greet anyone pleasantly as she loves any attention she receives. In a price that is right to sell, the mare is at $6,500.

Specialized Disciplines

Aside from selling different breeds of horses, Calico Creek Boarding Stable also offers several disciplines that are open for its guests to witness and enjoy.


Though it can be highly frustrating at times, it can also be equally rewarding for a beginner to learn to ride a horse. Calico Creek Boarding Stable offers training for beginners among its specialized disciplines. 

Among the many things it teaches, the guest needs to know how to care for the horse. What follows next are the grooming and leading, and as well as finding the right equipment for it. It is also in this stage where one must learn how to saddle up the horse and mount the saddle accurately.

Natural Horsemanship

Natural horsemanship can get as impressive as it may seem. In this discipline, one works with horses based on their instincts. The individual also gives attention to the horse’s method of communication. 

Through the discipline of natural horsemanship, one can realize how horses learn from pressure and the release of it, and not through the use of fear or pain. There are five (5) basic psychology concepts of this discipline, and all can be learned in Calico Creek Boarding Stable.


As a competitive class of discipline, it shows how both horses and riders in Western-style attires go through and navigate a series of obstacles in a particular area. In trails, contestants ride the entire course one at a time. 

These are often in designs that a rider and its horse might encounter when in the latter’s natural habitat. The boarding stable offers training in the said discipline. 

Problem Solving

As horses may often display some problems in their behavior, it is equally essential for its rider to diagnose and solve it. It is by their nature to turn to humans whenever they are faced with problems they cannot solve on their own. Thus, it is the responsibility of the owner or the rider to address these concerns.

Services Offered


Calico Creek Boarding Stable offers natural horsemanship training. If interested, one can train with Mike Paparo and Veronica Warren. The training was formulated with Dennis Reis’ thirty (30) years of experience. This will help one achieve its goals, whether as a starter, finisher, in touch-ups, or even problem-solving.


The stable has a total of thirty-five (35) boarding stables at present. For boarding services, the rate is at $385, due every month.

Trail Access

Calico Creek Stables also offers trail access to its guests. Availing the service entitles the guest access to the scenic view of the beautiful Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. This comes in the miles of scenic riding suitable for all levels.

In the trail, one can see different views such as waterfalls, meadows, caves, an abundance of wildlife in petroglyphs, and even access to climbing the top of a mountain.

Other Services

The boarding stable also offers other services guests can enjoy. Apart from horseback riding, riding lessons are also available, as well as riding clinics. Finally, Calico Creek also has its riding arena.

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