Antique Alley is Las Vegas’ Best Kept Secret

Las Vegas hides many secrets, and one of them is Antique Alley, which is not only a jaw-dropping Arts District attraction but also a spot home to dozens of vintage and antique stores that would make your Las Vegas trip truly memorable. 

While many tourists rave about the Las Vegas’ famous places Las Vegas Arts District because of its many exciting surprises, nothing will beat the wonder and awe that Antique Alley brings for its visitors, particularly the antique lovers. But there’s more to Antique Alley than its vintage shops. It is also home to an eclectic collection of bars, gyms, hair salons, design studios, and other establishments that reflect the soulful character of Las Vegas beyond the bright light and the glitzy glamour. 

An Antique Lover’s Paradise

Have you ever experience the struggle of antique shop hopping because you can’t find anything that tingles your toes? Try heading to Antique Alley and explore its massive collection of stores. You might think that this strip is like several thrift shops rolled into one. However, you might be surprised that each shop stands out on its own. Each one has something unique to offer that it would be a sin not to get an item from each store. 

Antique Alley Mall

For the antique lover’s, the Antique Alley Mall is a must-see. It boasts of more than 65 vendors spread out through their 12,000 square feet of retail space. It is the biggest shop in the area, and with that many vendors, they indeed would have something for everyone. Their collection includes Western, Victorian, Mid-Century, 18th Century, and Industrial. If you are in search of anything vintage, such as hard-to-find records, retro clothing, and other collectibles, check out Antique Alley Mall, and they may have what you are searching for. The mall is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm. Check out their site for more information.

Buffalo Exchange

After scouring the many collections of antiques, head on to Buffalo Exchange, where you can search for vintage and used clothing. Aside from used clothing, patrons can also hunt for new and unused clothing. If you have Marie Kondo’d your home and have tons of used clothing that you want to unload, Buffalo Exchange is the place to sell them. Visit their site to learn more about buying and selling used clothing.

Las Vegas Oddities

If you are up for odds goods, Antique Alley can give it to you as well via Las Vegas Oddities. This weird shop has everything that most ordinary people would consider strange. So, if you’re an oddball looking for some gothic or steampunk items, Las Vegas Oddities is your go-to place in this alley. 

Main Street Peddlers

If you are not yet convinced of your finds in Antique Alley Mall, then head to the southern side of the alley to Main Street Peddlers and be ready to go ga-ga with its vast collection of vintage goods. 

Patina Decor

For those in search of vintage furniture, Patina Decor is heaven-sent. Choose from the shop’s collection of the finest and storied furniture that would make your space stand out from the rest. Their items would surely add depth and character to your home. Browse their collection by visiting their site

Antique Alley is more than just these shops, though, as this street has so much to offer its visitors, such as ReBar and other shops. Plan your trip and discover Las Vegas’ best-kept secret. 


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