Exploring River Mountains Loop Trail

If you are out searching for a fantastic spot where you can go biking, then you must head to the River Mountains Loop. This bike trail is among the sought after outdoor activity within Las Vegas that you can avail for free. Before you head out there, here are bits of information about the trail. 

About the River Mountains Loop Trail

The River Mountains Loop Trail is a collaboration among the resource management agencies, including the National Park Service and the Rivers, Trails, Conservation Assistance (RTCA) program, local citizens, and private landowners. The plan for the trail began in 1996 and took 18 months for agencies and stakeholders to come up with a solid plan to build the path, which took 16 years to forge into reality. 

This outdoor trail is a means for locals and tourists to explore Nevada and its scenic views, wildlife, and panoramic views that one can only get from the Mojave Desert. Excluding the side trails, the River Mountains Loop Trail spans 34 miles in length and connects the Hoover Dam, the eastern side of Henderson, Boulder City, and the rest of the Las Vegas Valley. 

The Loop

Image Source: https://www.nps.gov/lake/learn/river-mountains-loop-trail.htm
Illustration: Anthony Ross. Photo: Andrew Cattoir
  • The primary trail access is near the Lake Mead Parkway and on the southern side of the trail near the crossing of Pacifica way and I-93. 
  • The trail commences at the Pacifica Trail head’s southern side and winds along the south edge of the Historic Railroad Trail
  • Going north, you will have the Boulder Harbor Entry Way to the left and the Lake Mead Marina or Las VegasBoat Harbor to your right. 
  • After a few miles, you can reach the Boulder Beach Campground, Lake Mead RV Village, picnic areas, and the ranger station. 
  • When you reach Boulder Beach, you might want to check out the Saddle and Pyramid Islands, which used to be surrounded by water. 
  • Further, you will see the permanently closed Lake Mead Lodge, which used to house celebrities and politicians. 
  • Once you reach the now-closed Lake Mead Fish Hatchery, the trail will bring you to a tunnel that goes under the Lakeshore Road, where you would be delighted to see the rolling hills of the countryside. 
  • The trail ends as it loops back to Boulder City. 

Know Before You Go

  • The trail is pretty challenging – it has a combination of uphill and downhill slopes that are quite curvy. It can be a bit frustrating for riders who like to ride on high speeds throughout the trails. It isn’t possible with the River Mountains. 
  • The trail is a non-motorized area, which means that no automobiles or other motorized vehicles will have access to the grounds. The allowed activities are walking, hiking, biking, and horseback riding (in some areas). 
  • Within the trail, there is little to no civilization except for the trail itself. So, make sure to have your supplies ready when you go. During the hot months, bring your hydration packs as the temperature can be sizzling. Given that the trail is not easy, there is a high chance for riders to suffer from heatstroke. 

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