Mind Twist Escape Experience: A Twisted Las Vegas Escape

When the hustle and bustle of your everyday life cause you too much stress and anxiety, you need an escape. And, Mind Twist Escape Experience can give you that and more. 

Mind Twist Escape Experience is an escape room filled with intricate puzzles. The puzzles have interesting backstories and settings that you should solve within a limited time frame. After trying the Vegas Superkarts, get on this adventure with your friends, and put your puzzle-solving skills to good work. 

The Escape Rooms

Want an insight into what you can expect in Mind Twist Escape Experience? Here are some useful tidbits you can have in each of their escape rooms: 

The Steampunk Train

Have you ever been to the southeastern border of Texas? If yes, then you are probably familiar with the term, “Tomb of Machina.” Locals believe that an eccentric yet uber-talented inventor would go beyond the ethics of science to give life to his machines. In the Steampunk Train escape room, your task would be to look for the crazed scientist and reveal the fate he went through. With only one hour to do the challenges and solve puzzles, would you be brave enough to try to escape this room?

The Stag Party

If there is one place on Earth that comes to mind when you say stag party, it would be Las Vegas. Thanks to the trilogy of the Hangover movies, more and more people have found a reason to visit Las Vegas. If this Hollywood film made you rolling in laughter, then you might want to recreate the whole movie in this escape room. Solve all the puzzles by remembering what transpired the night before, look for the wedding band, and escape the room in time for your buddy’s wedding ceremony in an hour. Don’t be the one who would ruin the wedding!

The Cannibal

This escape room took inspiration from Dr. Hannibal Lecter, the serial killer known for eating his victims. The escape room is for those who think they have what it takes to solve puzzles and come out of the room alive. The serial killer has been behind bars and is helping out the FBI. However, it appears that the psychiatrist turned serial killer inspired a protege keen on following his steps. Would you become dinner, or would you prove to be better and escape the room? 

Mind Twist Escape Experience is planning to open up another escape room – Alice’s Dream, which would be filled with labyrinths and puzzles, that would test if you can wake up before the time ends or end up completely trapped in the dream. 

Visit the Strips’ only escape room, Mind Twist Escape Experience at 3200 S. Las Vegas Blvd Ste 1835, Las Vegas, Nevada 89109. Check out their website: https://mindtwistescapes.com/ to book a private room. 

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