Extraterrestrial Highway: Driving on Las Vegas’ Out-of-this-World Highway

Nevada has tons of secrets waiting to reveal itself to curious travelers who would be brave enough to explore. It is common knowledge that Nevada is covered by miles and miles of still undeveloped desert that holds mysteries of alien spacecraft and extraterrestrial beings. Are you ready to take on this out-of-this-world highway? Buckle your seatbelts because we’re going on a journey you’ll never forget. 

What To See and Explore on the Extraterrestrial Highway

The 98-mile alien highway begins from the U.S. 93 and stretches west to reach the U.S. 6. One of the main reasons why people flock to the road is because Area 51 lies along the highway. And if you have been hiding under a rock, the government finally confirmed the existence of this military base in 2013. Since not much is revealed of what activities actually transpires in there, many are curious if the government really has a facility full of aliens. So when you go down this highway, you better keep your eyes peeled because you’ll never know what you might see in the sky or on the ground. 

Over the years, the highway has sparked interest from many visitors prompting them to explore one of the quirkiest roads in the U.S. Here are some of the exciting things you’ll see while you are the Extraterrestrial Highway: 

ET Fresh Jerky

ET Fresh Jerky

While there is not much to rest stops along the highway, ET Fresh Jerky is one that you can look forward and for a good reason. The shop is open daily and has one of the most extensive collections of beef jerky flavors, which are all based on the obsession about the third kind. 

The E.T. Highway Sign

ET Highway Sign


Visitors would often take a picture on the Extraterrestrial Highway Sign, which is located just opposite of the jerky store. Make sure to take a snap and upload it on Instagram with the appropriate hashtags to accompany it, as it is an iconic roadside attraction. Note, however, that the sign is nearly covered with tons of different stickers. 

Area 51

Area 51

As mentioned, your journey on the Extraterrestrial Highway would never be complete if you wouldn’t have a glimpse of Area 51. Take note, however, that the military base is off-limits to civilians. 

Alien Research Center Gift Shop

Alien Research Gift Shop

If you’ve been unsuccessful in your attempt to get an alien sighting, then you might want to head on to Alien Research Center Gift Shop. It has enough collection to satisfy your alien curiosity. Perhaps the closest snap of an alien you can get would be the massive alien statue that guards the research center. 

Nevada desert is worth exploring with its quirkiest and out-of-this-world offerings.

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