Mermaids of the Silverton Hotel

“Love to explore that shore up above, out of the sea, wish I could be… part of your world”, Disney Princess Ariel sings. And yet, most of the female population can’t deny that once in their life, they wanted to be Ariel – a mermaid. Even seeing and interacting with one would have been a dream come true. You can do this with the Mermaids of the Silverton Hotel. And with today’s smart and creative minds, the latter part of the dream may yet to come true.

A water attraction in the desert at the Silverton Casino Hotel

Best Free Attraction in Las Vegas

The oceans and the seas were always the ideal places where people look for mermaids. Imagine the surprise of most people when they stumbled upon the Silverton Casino Hotel. Located in Las Vegas, it features the Red Rock Canyon’s rock formations in an 18,000-gallon water aquarium with live Koi and different kinds of fishes such as trout, channel catfish, carp bass and a flowing canyon river with ducks, turtles, bluegills, and sturgeons are also featured in three different aquariums.

But the most special and magical aquarium is a 117,000-gallon reef aquarium where thousands of fishes of various kinds, three species of stingray and three species of sharks. These sea creatures amaze thousands of guests alongside the most spectacular of them all – the mermaid.

A mermaid swimming at the Silverton’s Aquarium

Mermaids of the Silverton Hotel

The mermaids of Silverton stars in different shows or as they call it, “swims”. There are schedules found on various websites and within the hotel itself about the Mermaid Swims. From Thursdays to Sundays during lunchtimes to evenings, guests can catch the Silverton Mermaids swimming with sharks, fish, and stingrays. These mermaids do a series of synchronized swimming with different twists, flicks, and turns of their fins.

Guests can also very well interact with the mermaids, take photos with them and even converse to them from time-to-time – though it can be very hard if one cannot speak the mermaid language. The hotel thought of that though that is why a staff marine biologist is present to answer questions during the feeding show. As an additional highlight, in case the mermaids aren’t enough magical entertainment, the Mermaid lounge also introduces two 500-gallon jellyfish aquariums lit with LED lights.

Have a dining and drinking experience like no other at Silverton’s Mermaid Lounge, which is next to the beautiful 117,000-gallon saltwater aquarium

Project Mermaids

The Silverton mermaids have participated and assisted with Project Mermaids. Project Mermaids is a non-profit organization that helps Save Our Beach foundation, bringing awareness to it. Additionally, they also have been on the media numerous times before.

After all, they have fins in a world with feet, swim in the world that run and are magical mermaids in a world of mediocre people. Seems like a part of Ariel’s wish to “(I)… wanna be where the people are, (I) wanna see them dancing…” is actually a good one. Because if not, then the people on the shore up above wouldn’t have the opportunity to see and interact with them.

If you want to converge your realities with the most mystical fairytales, visit the Silverton Casino Hotel and watch out for the mermaid swims. Swim in joy and magic with the Silverton Mermaids!

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