Container Park

Taking the kids to Las Vegas for a vacation makes more sense than you might think — so whether they are looking to go on rides, watch a performance, go on a hike, or just hang out around the city, Las Vegas has something for everyone. Container Park in Las Vegas will just give you the perfect recipe for an amazing vacation!

Container Park in Las Vegas

Just a couple of blocks over from Fremont Street in Downtown Vegas is one of the city’s famous attractions, the Container Park. A marketplace filled with shopping, food, and even a playground for the kids. But here’s the interesting part; it is made entirely from 43 repurposed shipping containers. Yes, you read that right. The park is built of shipping containers that spent many years sailing oceans of the world. It acts as an incubator that houses a variety of small business; hence the park’s distinctive name.


At the entrance of Downtown Container Park is a 55-foot-tall steel praying mantis sculpture at top of a dump truck

Visitors to Downtown Container Park are greeted by the Mantis. The larger than life mantis was originally created for the Burning Man Festival by aerospace engineer and artist, Kirk Jellum. The mantis is 40 feet tall and 30 feet wide and took 3,000 hours to build.

It burns about 50 gallons of liquid propane each day. It also shoots flames from its antennae that reach about 6-storeys high. The praying mantis stands at the entrance of the Container Park so there’s no way you can miss it. It operates from sundown to closing.


Inside the park is the Treehouse, a multilevel play area with a 33-foot slide. The Treehouse also has bridges, an interactive NEOS Playworld System and foam building blocks. The kids will surely get hours of fun engaging in some games with the interactive spots while the adults grab a bite or cocktail in restaurant patios that look out over the play area.

A Comfortable, Spacious and Easy to Navigate Park

A park built from numerous shipping containers.

There are also free live concerts by classic rock and folk artists, outdoor movies, and a stage for family-friendly entertainment.

Container Park serves as a retail and dining complex for locals and visitors as well as a support network for business owners. There are no brand name stores here. Only small startups that are given short leases which for many, it’s the first they’ve had a space of their own.

Small-business Incubator

Like BluMarble, an innovative shop that turns used wine and beer bottles from The Strip’s hotels into glasses, lamps, jewelry, and more. According to Communications Coordinator for the Downtown Project, Kim Schaefer, they think of the park as a small-business incubator where people can come, grow their businesses, and possibly move into a larger space somewhere else after they’ve grown their business in the Container Park.

Oasis in the Craziness of Vegas

Whether you’re a kid (or a kid at heart) or an adult, a visit to the Downtown Container Park will surely send you on an adventure. It’s like an oasis in the craziness of Vegas. The shops, restaurants, and art galleries — they all seem to be little puzzle pieces that make this place so special for all those who have visited it. It’s definitely something for everyone.

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