Le Rêve – The Dream: Dreaming With Your Eyes Wide Open

Your next stop to Las Vegas will not be complete if you don’t take the chance of watching Le Rêve – The Dream. You can miss out on the different shows that Las Vegas regularly holds but not Le Rêve. Why? Find out below. 

What is Le Rêve Show All About?

Le Rêve is a French term that translates to “The Dream.” This spectacular show took inspiration from the Le Rêve, the 1932 masterpiece of Pablo Picasso. It features astonishing vignette sequences of a woman as she sleeps. It is among Las Vegas’ arresting shows that would make you question whether you are living in your dream or reality. And it is something that you shouldn’t miss. 

What Can I Expect From Le Rêve?

The show opens with a woman, deep in slumber, on her bed. Then the audience would follow her journey as she descends into a pool of water. Throughout her sleep, the audience will watch via a kaleidoscope of her deep thoughts and idea. There would be instances where these thoughts would be bright, others having dark tones. In a few cases, these dreams can be quite controversial. As the story unfolds, the audience would enjoy watching aerial acrobats, high diving acts, synchronized swimming, and choreographed dancing. 

The show is indeed more than a circus show. What sets it apart from other shows in Las Vegas is its ingenious use of water. There are several sequences wherein the water would serve as the stage of the main show. Watch out as the show would often allow the stage to rise and fall to create an unparalleled show that everyone can enjoy. 

To make “The Dream,” a reality required getting more than 90 performers ranging from musicians and dancers and close to 140 technical crew members. The show includes a complex network of breathing systems, cameras, and underwater lights. The 27-feet pool also comes with 100 hookah regulators, 12 infrared cameras, and 20-miles of underwater lighting cable. Add all of it to over 2,000 costumes that are needed to help make the show possible. 

Despite these many features, audiences can easily follow the flow of the story as each presentation moves coherently with the story, and what you get is an unforgettable spectacle perfect for capping your visit to Las Vegas. 

What Are the Best Seats for Watching Le Rêve?

The show features a lot of interaction with the performers, but if you want to secure the best seats where you can watch the whole show from a great vantage point, then the best seats to have are the 3rd and 4th row. From this area, your view is at the perfect viewing level of the stage. Grabbing the first row, while it allows you to interact with the performers, would have you look up the performers during th whole duration of the show. It would also be particular to note that since water is a significant element in the show, there are “Splash Zone” seats, which would have high chances of getting wet. Consider this when buying your tickets. 

Here are the types of seating available for the show: 

  • Poolside Seating: This will give you the closest view to the stage, but it also part of the splash zone. They are great for those who want to get up-close to the set. 
  • Poolside Aisle Seats: This seat is similar to the Poolside Seating but is more comfortable to access. 
  • Golden Circle: This seating is above the Poolside seating and gives a good view of Le Rêve Aqua Stage.
  • Golden Circle Aisle: This is similar to the Golden Circle but provides aisle seating.
  • Grandview: This ticket provides an excellent panoramic view of the entire stage.
  • Grandview Aisle: Same as the Grandview, but this ticket provides aisle seating.
  • Dream Seating: Best view of the Aqua Stage. Often considered as the VIP seating, it features over-sized, plush VIP theater seats and private TV monitors showing live backstage and underwater video as the show unfolds. 

Is There a Dress Code?

The show does not require wearing formal attires such as jackets and ties. However, casual evening attire is best. 

Know Before You Go

  • Le Rêve is suitable for everyone. However, the show is not advisable for children aged five years and below. 
  • Children less than 18 years old must have an adult companion. 
  • Ticket prices start from $99. 
  • The entire show lasts for 75 minutes with no intermission. Please make sure to have your meals before watching the show. 

In Las Vegas, it is not impossible to dream with your eyes open, thanks to Le Rêve. Check out their show by visiting their website. If you want to explore other exciting spots in Las Vegas, you can also check out Jack of Lights Aerial Tour and The Escape Game

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