Stompapalooza: The Great Grape Stomp Festival

Going to festivals is something that one should try at least once in their lifetime. The vibe one gets from attending such joyous events is incomparable. It is also a perfect way to get to know the place and its people. If you are looking for an unforgettable festival to go to in Vegas, it is the Stompapalooza: The Grape Stomp Festival. 

What is Stompapalooza: The Grape Stomp Festival?

When you head to Pahrump Valley, one thing you would notice is their extensive vineyards. Yes, this little piece of desert in Vegas has a vineyard, so you can expect this celebration to have loads of wine, music, and never-ending stomping. 

The Grape Stomp is held every fall at the Pahrump Valley Winery, which manages the vineyards in the area. The activity involves seven groups with two members who have to stomp grapes every fifteen minutes over a span of four hours. 

The goal?

To get as much juice out of the grapes.

Pahrump Valley Winery came up with this idea as a collaborative way of celebrating the successful harvest of grapes and tasting the different wine flavors that they offer at the winery. 

What to Expect at the Stompapalooza

Grape Stomping

Of course, there would be tons of stomping to do. Guests would need to remove their shoes, pull up their pants, and stomp their feet on some fine Nevada grapes. The grapes would be placed in a barrel, so make sure you have a pretty good balance, too!

Wine Tasting

If you are not up for some stomping, you are still welcome to attend the festival and enjoy some good ol’ wine tasting. That’s the ultimate goal, right? Wine tasting includes the winery’s award-winning wines from distinguished brands. Expect to taste Pahrump Winery Chardonnay, Nevada Ridge zinfandel, Symphony Wine, merlot, and burgundy. 

Did you know that you can enjoy the magnificent views and park-like atmosphere while taking a whiff of Chardonnay? Since the Spring Mountain borders this area, you can get panoramic views of the range.

In Stompapapalooza, you can enjoy not only your Nevada wine but also the astonishing Nevada views. 

Music and Food Festival

The main event is the grape stomping, but you can also enjoy the harvest festival by listening to music and getting samples of different vendors. In addition to wine, you can also taste some Southern barbecue and other tasty treats from various food trucks that will participate during the festival. 

Know Before You Go

  • The Stompapalloza: The Grape Stomp Festival is celebrated every October. 
  • The grape stomping happens at 3810 Winery Road. 
  • Grape stompers need to secure their slots and buy tickets in advance.
  • Parking is free of charge. 
  • Take note that children and pets are not allowed during the festival. 
  • Guests should also not bring coolers, outside beverages, lawn chairs, umbrellas, and blankets. 

After the festival, you may want to take a guided tour of the Pahrump Valley Winery. You can also explore the Pahrump Valley Museum to learn more about this area west of Las Vegas. 

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