Hofbrauhaus: Where Strangers Become Family

Having a meal or a beverage is one thing; having one with family is another. At Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas, it is easy to find yourself feeling at home and enjoying yourself. Discover good times with their classic Bavarian brews, menu items, and in-house live entertainment.

About Hofbrauhaus

In January 2004, Hobrauhaus Las Vegas made it their mission to “communicate happiness, encouragement, and motivation” through good food and exceptional customer service. The haus aims to welcome all guests as family and provide them with comfort food and delicious beers. Many of their patrons always look forward to raising a beer mug over a serving of schnitzel and pretzels. However, one of the features that earned Hofbrauhaus a following is the array of promos and gimmicks they have when it comes to enjoying drinks.

Communal Dining Set-up

Tables at Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas, just like the tables found in traditional taverns, are communal. This set-up is designed to encourage visitors to share tables with strangers – a practice that allows people to meet and drink together. The haus takes pride in their communal dining set-up which, as they have witnessed in Munich’s original Hofbrauhaus, turns strangers into lifetime friends. 

The Hofbrauhaus Experience

There are several ways to enjoy beer, and Hofbrauhaus does not come short of these. They have facilities that allow for drinking games such as Beer Pong, Cornhole, and Musical Chairs, to name a few. They also offer shot-skis – a way of drinking shots from glasses that are attached to a ski. The idea is to make visitors actually drink together by lining up the paddle, tilt it, and take the shot. 

The haus delivers their drinks on shot paddles. Hofbrauhaus will gladly spank patrons with it if they choose to. This minor addition to how they serve their drinks is the kind of spirit they nurture to make your visit memorable and extra fun.

Hofbrauhaus Beer Menu

All Bavarian beers on Hofbrauhaus’ menu come directly from their brewery in Munich. Their menu mainly features Classic Bavarian Beers and Seasonal Beers. These brews are produced following the 500-year-old Purity Law of 1516. This law demands all German beer to be made only with barley, water, and hops, ensuring pure, wholesome, delicious flavor in every sip.

Classic Bavarian Beers

  • Hofbräu Original – a bottom-fermented brew that boasts well-balanced elements that reveal character, aroma, and a refreshing flavor with around 5.1% abv. This brew is considered to embody the true spirit of Bavaria more than the others.
  • Hofbräu Hefe Weizen – a product of ancient brewing tradition resulting in pleasurable 5.1% abv beer with hints of fruity flavors that brings sensation all the way down to the throat. 
  • Hofbräu Dunkel – a dark 5.5a% abv brew that Munich is well known for. It is considered among Bavaria’s well-rounded flavors for its bold and spicy characteristics, which makes it perfect for celebrations. 

Seasonal Beers

  • Oktoberfestbier – a full-bodied lager brewed exclusively by Hofbräu München from pure water, quintessential malt, and great quality hops. Being a 6.3% abv brew that features a clean, crisp flavor makes it a crowd favorite, especially during Oktoberfest. 
  • Hofbräu Maibock – brewed using the Einbeck method, this beer stays absolute even after being imported from one place to another. Today’s version still features Pichler’s 400-year-old formula that features 16% original wort and about 7.2% abv. This beer is easily recognizable due to its coppery hue and distinct malty flavor with subtle hints of caramel.
  • Hofbräu Dunkel Weizen – also known as the Dark Wheat Beer, this certain brew is only available in January and June. It is made from various malts, such as Munich malt, Caramel, and Röstmalz, using a unique method similar to the production of light beer, except that it is stored upside down at 37.4° for about a week. Its limited availability makes it one of the best things to try in Las Vegas. 

Mouthwatering Bavarian Cuisine

Generally, Bavarian cuisine features plenty of meats and Knödel dishes. The food items on Hofbrauhaus’ menu are made to complement their drinks well; so, you can expect a perfect balance from each bite. However, they do offer vegetarian and fish options for those who do not wish to consume meat products. 

The haus carries delicious German food that is to die for and can make your visit worth every second. These include sausage specialties, schnitzels, cold-cuts, cheeses, and a crispy pork shank dish that Hofbrauhaus is famous for. They also offer freshly baked pretzels that may be served with Obatzda cheese, sweet mustard, and onion mustard – definitely a must-try. 

Do not miss out on these scrumptious German meals and visit the Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas at Las Vegas, Nevada 89169. They are open from 11AM to 11PM on Sundays to Thursdays, and from 11AM to 12AM on Fridays and Saturdays. To ensure your seats, make your reservations at https://www.hofbrauhauslasvegas.com/reservation/ or call them at 702-853-BEER (2337).


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