Battle Blast Laser Tag: Wholesome Fun for the Whole Family

What’s the latest buzz these days? It seems that everybody is talking about the Battle Blast Laser Tag. People who went to this gaming spot can’t contain the unforgettable experience they had while playing laser tag. Catering to all ages, Battle Blast Laser Tag allows everyone to have a wild adventure. Most gadgets today make people inactive and have minimal physical activities, but Battle Blast Laser Tag offers its devices to promote physical movement while having loads of fun.

About Battle Blast Laser Tag

Battle Blast Laser Tag started their operation in June 2012 at 8125 W. Sahara Avenue, Suite 200, Las Vegas, Nevada. Owners Paul and Rhonda Mikologic saw a gap in the market and immediately grabbed on the opportunity to provide a state-of-the-art laser tag game system. Both Paul and Rhonda were local engineers in Chicago who decided to move to Las Vegas. They have two teen boys, Kyle and Sean, who helps them with their family fun center. The couple chose to put up a family-oriented entertainment center in Las Vegas because they thought the city lacks a good, family entertainment. 

The Gaming Experience

Battle Blast Laser Tag is a modern and high-tech computerized competition of the combination of tag, capture the flag, and hide and seek. The idea of the game is to have the highest points from scoring against the opponents by successfully laser-tagging them and attacking their base.

You can score successfully by tagging your opponents, team bases, and arena targets. Battle Blast Laser Tag provides the proper orientation, and protective gears before entering the battle arena for the extreme competition.

Arcade Attractions

The entertainment center also offers several arcade video games that feature the classic games. There are also redemption games where you can win tickets and exchange them for awesome prizes for redeeming your tickets. You can also test your skills and patience in some crane games.

Snack Bar

Battle Blast snack bar offers bottled drinks and pre-packaged meals that you will enjoy from a tiring experience. They serve delicious chicken wings, chicken tenders, corn dog nuggets, french fries, and nachos. Deserts are also available such as brownies, cakes, mini french pastries, and cookies.

Tips Before Playing

You should be aware of some pointers before going to the place. The game uses tag vests that are too big for kids below 42 inches in height, which means kids ages five to six years old are the minimum requirement. It wouldn’t be appropriate for children younger than five years old because the arena can be frightening for them. The arena has loud music and flashing lights with a black light environment. 

Operating Hours and Pricing

The shop is open Monday to Thursday and Sunday from 12 noon to 8 p.m. Every Friday and Saturday from 12 noon until 10 p.m. 

Laser Tag games pricing:

  • 1 game – $9.00 per player
  • 2 games – $16.00 per player
  • 3 games – $21.00 per player

Parties and Events

Battle Blast also offers its place to host events like birthday parties, online reservations, group events, corporate events, and private rentals. Their party rooms can accommodate up to twenty people, and there are substantial party rooms that can seat up to 60 people.

Unique Las Vegas Entertainment

Battle Blast Laser Tag is one of Las Vegas’ best family-oriented entertainment places where family and friends can have a grand time competing against one another. You can check their website for more offers and discounts. 

Las Vegas has plenty of other entertaining activities such as escape rooms like The Escape Game and skateparks such as the Doc Romeo Skatepark, which outgoing people would love to experience.

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