Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas

Have you reached a point in your life where you just want to take a good rest? A place where you can just unplug and breathe life in? You don’t need to go far away to do that. We know a good place within Las Vegas where you can be one with nature and experience various adventures, giving you the best of both facets of a vacation: fun and rest. Red Rock Canyon or Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area (RRCNCA) is a place that has so many outlets of the stresses and sources of fun to offer.

Red Rock Canyon allows you to take on scenic drives and hiking trails. It allows you to do different physical activities such as rock climbing, biking, and camping. It also features wildlife, cultural resources, amazing rock formations and so much more.

Sunsets are more amazing paired with the landscape of Nevada. Photo courtesy of Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas’ Facebook account.

Traverse an Amazing Scenery

Red Rock Canyon offers a 13-mile long scenic drive, which visitors may tour through a car or a bicycle. The drive comes with multiple scenic stops and trailheads. If you choose to take a tour of the place through your bike, there are designated paved roads and trails for you. As you go around the area, you would be able to see different species of flora and fauna.

Learn the variety of flowers you can see in the Mojave Desert. Photo courtesy of Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas’ Facebook account.

Hiking and Climbing

Looking for a challenging hike or trail? You would definitely want to visit Red Canyon Cove. The place has 26 hikes and trails. It features a maze of canyons, peaks, ledges, chimneys, chutes, and gullies, giving you the opportunity to make your ultimate hiking or climbing experience! But if you’re a novice in hiking or climbing, don’t fret! There are designated trails for you too.

Interested to take this adventure now? Go for it, but just don’t forget to wear a helmet. Be wary of the falling rocks and debris as well as loose gravel as you make the most of the moment in the place.

Now, if you only have one day to spare in this place, we advise that you leave at night time. The view of the sunset and the sky turning dark is nothing short of spectacular! It’s one great way to end your vacation and prepare for your grind the following day.

There are individual and group shade structures available throughout the campground, by the way. There are drinking water faucets around the area for your convenience too.

Explore Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas and you might see a rainbow in one of their scenic views. Photo courtesy of Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas’ Facebook account.

Feel Alive at Red Rock Canyon

When was the last time you took a break? When was the last time you did something for yourself? If you can’t remember anymore, maybe it’s time that you do. Taking a step back is oftentimes what we need to take a step forward. Be grateful to live as you feel alive at Red Rock Canyon.

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