Bootleg Canyon

Are you looking for something distinct and entertaining, but away from the Las Vegas Strip? We have one in Boulder City that might be the perfect candidate for a one-of-a-kind experience. It is conveniently situated in 1027 Canyon Road in Boulder City, Nevada, just between Sin City and Hoover Dam.

The park is called “Bootleg Canyon”, sometimes referred to as “Bootleg Las Vegas”. It is a world-famous mountain bike park in the River Mountain Range, which includes Red Mountain and Black Mountain. Bootleg Canyon has a vast array of geographical features of volcanic rocks and offers some impressive rockscapes of different colors, together with the remarkable view of Boulder City, Lake Mead, and Las Vegas.

Challenging Trails

Bootleg Canyon is known for its trails that were mostly designed and built by Brent Thomson, a local artist in the early 1990s. It is now the site for hiking and mountain biking trails. It consists of 24 trails, which have over 36 miles of single track and a lot more unofficial trails. There are a lot of challenging trails. You can start with the easier – the flat ones, to the more extreme ones.

An adventurer doing one of the biggest gaps and fastest jumps in a trail at Bootleg Canyon.

There are popular trails called Girl Scout, Boy Scout, West Leg, East Leg, Inner Caldera, Middle Lake View, POW, Connect, Skyline, Dual Slalom, Caldera and GS Connect to name a few. There are trailheads that will lead to those courses. The most popular trailhead is “The Gazebo”, named as such because of the large covered area projecting over the trailhead.

Outstanding hiking trails, beautiful lake views, best mountain biking in the country

It offers paved parking, covered picnic tables, separate bathrooms/showers for ladies and gentlemen and even drinking fountains. The second one is the River Mountain Hiking Trail Trailhead. This is being used by bikers more than runners. It has paved parking and uncovered picnic table, unlike in The Gazebo. There are a whole lot more for you to discover and enjoy once you visit the park.

More Than The Trails

Aside from the trails, it also has been inhabited by a variety of desert animals. The most special is the herds of Big Horn Sheep that can also be witnessed using the very trails the park is well-known for. It also has a Zipline, which is ideal for first-time visitors and nature lovers. Just check for tours and packages that include a professional guide if preferred.

One of the views you’ll see when you Zipline at Bootleg Canyon.

Great Bootleg Canyon Experience

Reviews from Google and TripAdvisor are 5-star ratings. See what some people had to say about their experience:

Diverse & challenging trails & sweeping views. Some services such as a restroom & water are offered.
-Marisa B (Google)

I live in Boulder City and my brother started Bootleg Canyon and built great trails. It is challenging for advanced riders but also has trails for beginners. Must for those looking for a great place.
-Vegastravelr (TripAdvisor)

Bootleg Canyon is an incredible place. There are more trails than you can count! There are bathrooms, shower, shaded picnic area, great signage, and lots of upgrades to give the area a nice feel. If you like mountain biking you must try this place. June-August is very hot. Stay hydrated!!!!!
-Jeannine B (TripAdvisor)

One of the contenders at the Nevada State Champs in Bootleg Canyon last 2016.

The Park is open year-round. Don’t forget to warm up, pack sunscreen and a lot of water if you are planning to visit. For those who are into mountain biking, it is best to visit from April until September. Your trip will not be complete without a snap of the big bike welcoming you, so don’t forget to take a selfie!

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