Willow Beach Marina and Campground

How does a breather look like for you? For some, getting a massage and strolling the mall is already enough. Others are looking out for ways to enjoy nature such as hiking, mountain climbing or going to the beach!

Many find going to the beach relaxing. Personally, there’s peace and calm in watching the waves and enjoying the waters. If you are the type of person who also likes going to the beach, Willow Beach Marina and Campground is a good place to check out! Like you and me, it believes that a fun day in the water is one of the best ways to recharge and relax.

willow beach marina campground
Have a relaxing trip at the Willow Beach Marina as you take a boat to look at the unique scenery.

Situated in the Arizona side of the Colorado River, Willow Beach Marina and Campground provides you with scenery, a 235-mile shoreline, and wildlife. Listed below are some of the things you could do at the place: 

Explore the waters and go on a fishing 

Willow Beach Marina and Campground is part of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area in Arizona. It offers rentals of various watercraft such as fishing boats, deck boats, kayaks, and canoes. If you choose to rent a boat, make sure that you have your Boater Education Card to present if the state where you live in requires that. 

willow beach colorado
Relax and enjoy the waters at Willow Beach Marina. Photo courtesy of Willow Beach Marina’s Facebook account.

As hinted, Willow Beach Marina and Campground also enables you to go on a fishing adventure. According to a 2018 article from USA Today, the beach is home to striped bass. Some of the other fishes you may find there are trout, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, catfish and walleye.

Stay in a Strategic Place

If you’re looking for more than a day of relaxation and fun, Willow Beach Marina has an RV Park and tent campground where you could relax and appreciate various sceneries such as the Colorado River, Black Canyon, and nearby mountains and deserts! 

willow beach marina rv park
Let the kids enjoy outdoor activities as you camp at the Willow Beach RV Park. Photo courtesy of Willow Beach Marina’s Facebook account.

You could also enjoy various activities from the places near it. This includes engaging in water activities in Lake Mead or Lake Mohave, hiking on mountain trails, and visiting the Hoover Dam. Want some nightlife? The place is just 45 minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip! 

Cap Your trip by Getting Souvenirs

What better way to end your trip than by getting souvenirs or memorabilia! You could get that at the Willow Beach Marina and Convenience store. From clothes to gifts, you’ll definitely find the best memorabilia to recall the memories you made in the place.

Aside from memorabilia, you could also get various stuff you need from the Willow Beach Marina and Convenience Store to make the most of your stay. This includes picnic supplies, first aid needs, things you probably forgot to bring and many more!

It also has everything you need for your fishing such as baits, tackles, and Arizona fishing licenses! On top of this is the free advice and tips about fishing that its staff could give you!

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