The Lakes Lounge: A Family-Owned Restaurant and Gaming Bar

The Lakes Lounge Las Vegas

Feeling tired of the busy life in the city? Want to take a break from all the grand and go somewhere simple? There’s a restaurant in West Lake East Drive that many locals love because of its cozy and casual atmosphere. Opened in 1987, The Lakes Lounge is a family-owned restaurant that serves classic American dishes and provides a low-key gaming area 24/7. 

The Lakes Lounge

Going over its website and the testimonials of its customers, what drives the business going for more than thirty years is this: eating with a friend is a fulfilling dining experience.

This is the reason why The Lakes Lounge treats customers as guests, makes them feel at home, and gives value on a daily basis. Mind you, these are not our words. These are the words of the restaurant as written in the About Us of its website. 

1. Treat customers as guests.

Various customers recognize the friendliness and warmth of the staff of The Lakes Lounge. Its ratings on Google and Facebook are high. On the former platform, its rating is 4.4. On the latter platform, its rating is 4.6. Scroll down for screenshots of some of its customer reviews! After all, it’s good to learn from the experience of others.

the lakes lounge review on google
A screenshot of a review on The Lakes Lounge. Photo courtesy of Google Reviews.
A screenshot of a review on the restaurant. Photo courtesy of the Facebook page of The Lakes Lounge.
A screenshot of a review on the restaurant. Photo courtesy of the Facebook page of The Lakes Lounge.

2. Give value always.

The Lakes Lounge has a lavish menu. It offers a wide selection of dishes such as steaks, burgers, chicken pot pie, and salads. It also serves beers from Ellis Island, house wines, and premium liquors. Drooling already? Check out its full menu here.

Chicken Pot Pie. Photo courtesy of The Lakes Lounge’s website.

Many customers are commending the reasonable prices of The Lakes Lounge’s dining options. To give you an idea, the price of its Dinner Specials starts at $7.99 and could go up to $14.99. The Dinner Specials comprise Turkey, Baby Back Ribs, Pork Chops, Pot Roast, Baked Half Chicken, and Premium Rib.

Turkey Special. Photo courtesy of The Lakes Lounge’s website.

As mentioned, The Lakes Lounge is also a gaming bar beside being a restaurant. It has Gamblers Bonus! It also has Video Poker, 4 Card Keno, Blackjack, Slots, and even Power Vision games such as Buffalo and Miss Kitty slots. Excited to play these games? The restaurant advises that you join the Players Club! Joining the club could mean enjoying complimentary meals and a discount on meals.

Gaming area at The Lakes Lounge. Photo courtesy of The Lake Lounge’s website.

The Lakes Lounge also holds a Player Appreciation event twice a month. It is exclusive to the members of the Players Club. In the event, a member could win up to $500 after every spin of the wheel.

3. Make customers feel at home.

This pretty much goes hand-in-hand with treating customers as guests. It offers everything but grand. It keeps everything simple and casual because it wants customers to feel relaxed.

Eat and play without inhibitions!

In the end, all The Lakes Lounge wants is for its customers to feel like they could just be themselves when they are at the restaurant. After all, isn’t that how a friend makes you feel? Like you could just simply be yourself?

Eat your favorite American comfort food and play your favorite game without any inhibitions. Go to West Lake East Drive and dine at The Lakes Lounge now!

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