Battista’s Hole in the Wall

Looking for an Italian restaurant in Las Vegas to treat your friends, family, or maybe, yourself? Get a taste of quality yet affordable food and feel cared for at Battista’s Hole in the Wall.

With the wide selection of restaurants available today, restaurant owners face the challenge of not only serving good food but also providing a unique dining experience to customers. In Las Vegas, a restaurant is receiving praises for its excellence in serving these two things. The restaurant is no other than Battista’s Hole in the Wall.

battista's hole in the wall las vegas
Check out Battista’s Hole in the Wall at 4041 Linq Lane (formerly Audrie St.) Las Vegas, NV 89109. Photo courtesy of the Battista’s Hole in the Wall website.

With an entrance that literally looks like a hole in the wall, the restaurant exudes a relaxing and cozy Italian vibe. A wide array of diverse items such as a collection of miniature liquor bottles, which is one of the world’s largest, surround the area. Photographs of notable people like Frank Sinatra are all over its walls as well.  

atmosphere of battista's hole in the wall
Battista’s Hole in the Wall exudes a cozy and warm Italian atmosphere. Photo courtesy of Battista’s Hole in the Wall’s website.


  • The founder of Battista’s Hole in the Wall is Battista Locatelli.
  • He is an Italian who went to New York with his family in 1949.
  • He moved to Las Vegas to achieve his dream of becoming a popular singer.
  • Locatelli almost achieved his dream when he caught the eye of a local producer of a certain show. Unfortunately, he didn’t push through as the show closed during rehearsals. Nonetheless, Locatelli was still able to showcase his talent.
  • He performs in his workplaces, where he also began to rub elbows with famous people (this explains the numerous photographs of famous people hanging on the walls of his restaurant).
  • Eventually, in 1970, Locatelli bought a bar in the Las Vegas Strip. He turned it into Battista’s Hole in the Wall and the rest was history.
  • In 2005, he sold it to Hannah Entertainment. Locatelli retired, but the restaurant remained to be a favorite of many locals.
  • The restaurant has provided superb food service for almost five decades already.
  • With its prominence, it appears to me that it would continue to do so for many more years.


The primary thing I am getting from all the reviews about the restaurant including celebrity chef Rick Moonen’s is this: the restaurant believes that a dinner shared with family is a good dining experience. It seemed to believe that classic Italian food is good comfort food as well. 

The restaurant serves classic, scrumptious and affordable Italian dishes that Americans have loved ever since. It also makes sure that its staff possesses excellent product knowledge and approaches customers in a caring manner. It also has accordion player Gordy Jaffe to give a musical treat. 

gordy jaffe battista's hole in the wall
Accordion player Gordy Jaffe plays sweet music to customers. Photo courtesy of Battista’s Hole in the Wall website.

From a personal standpoint, in successfully providing these to customers, Battista’s Hole in the Wall is not only able to fill its customers’ stomachs but also their hearts. The customers would leave the place feeling good not only because of the amazing food but also because of the unique and amazing dining experience they had. 


The menu of Battista’s Hole in the Wall is written on its wall. It includes your favorite Italian dishes, which I probably don’t need to enumerate any more, but for what it’s worth, some of them are Lasagna, Spaghetti, Veal Marsala, and Chicken Parmigiana. Currently, the price of a meal at the restaurant starts from $22.95 to $40.95.

the menu of battista's hole in the wall
The menu of Battista’s Hole in the Wall. Photo courtesy of Battista’s Hole in Wall’s Facebook page.

Oh, by the way, all its meals are inclusive of the following: minestrone soup or Italian salad, garlic bread as a side for your pasta, homemade cappuccino, and a house wine! Is your mouth watering already? Mine is!

As hinted, Battista’s Hole in the Wall also serves wines. White, Red, Sangria – the restaurant provides a wide selection of wines. For a complete list of everything it offers, check out the menu and wine list categories of its website.

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