Custom Cabinets of Las Vegas, Inc: When Basic is Not Enough

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

When you think of cabinets, it is tempting to simply buy prefabricated ones because they are often cheap. The problem? They can be cheap-looking as well. Thinking of having a custom-made cabinet can ensure that your home reflects your personality and high-quality workmanship, and that is exactly what Custom Cabinets of Las Vegas aims to provide. 

What Sets them Apart 

The people behind Custom Cabinets understand that when it comes to dealing with clients, affordability is critical. However, they also do know that quality never comes cheap that’s why they offer only the best quality designs that would satisfy their clients. Since the 1990s, Custom Cabinets of Las Vegas has been hard at work to provide premium cabinet design and installation to Southern Nevada. The company only employs highly-skilled woodworkers to make sure that every cabinet in your living room and bathroom would reflect good taste.

One thing that sets the company above anyone else is the fact that they are flexible to work with. Clients who have interior designers are very much welcome to collaborate with their team.

What Do They Offer

Custom Cabinets of Las Vegas offers three basic services: 

  • Cabinet Refacing: When you don’t feel like replacing the entire cabinet but only update its look, the company also provides refacing cabinet works. 
  • Cabinet Refinishing: For every kitchen remodel, cabinet refinishing is a must. More so, if it already shows wear and tear. These cabinet makers can make sure that their craft can bring new life to your cabinets. 
  • Custom Cabinets: Homeowners who want to make sure that their cabinet stands out, Custom Cabinets of Las Vegas offers personalized cabinet styles and designs that match your home style and layout. 

Availing of Their Services

If you have decided to give custom cabinetry a go, you can visit their showroom located at 3859 S Valley View Blvd #35, Las Vegas, NV 89103. When you reach their showroom, you can browse their entire collection of cabinets. Feel free to look at their woodwork projects. You can also design samples for their past projects. They can also show you some of their developed designs. If you have a picture of your home, they can suggest designs that would go well with your interior. 

You can call them at (702) 602-9349 to set an appointment. You may also visit Custom Cabinets of Las Vegas’ website and check out samples of their cabinet works. Or if you prefer sending them an email, please send your queries at [email protected].

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