Gamblers General Store

Las Vegas is a well-known holiday destination spot because of its shopping, dining, entertainment, hotel, nightlife, and gambling experience. Gambling was legalized in 1931 and is recognized because of its unique location in the desert. Since it has become America’s Gambling Capital, where else can you find the world’s largest gambling supply store? Gamblers General Store has a longstanding reputation for great prices, great services, and everything under the sun for gamblers.

Gamblers General Store, the world’s largest casino supply superstore, is located at 800 S Main St., Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo courtesy of Gamblers General Store’s Facebook account.

World’s Largest Casino Supply Superstore

Gamblers General Store, the world’s largest casino supply superstore since 1984, is located at 800 S Main St., Las Vegas, Nevada. They have over 15,000 products used for gambling together with an outstanding load of lammers, dice, home and casino gaming and tables for pokers, high-quality cards, sets of chips, dealer buttons, accessories, and even casino keepsakes. They are a reliable source for all gaming supplies and equipment, bingo supplies, money and award wheels and many more.

One of the board games for sale at Gamblers General Store. Photo courtesy of Gamblers General Store’s Facebook account.

Great Supply of Gambling Needs

They stock gaming tables and all the paraphernalia needed: chip racks, cards, chips, dice, markers and even dealing shoes. You sure are secured that you will be getting the best from the largest, most respected and the most popular gambling superstore in the world.

Their playing dice come in all shapes and sizes. Their cards and accessories are perfect for poker, magic, and bridge and they come in over 800 decks. They also have custom clay poker and casino chips, which are highly specialized. You can put a logo, image, photo or anything you want on your chips.

In fact, they are the largest chip manufacturer in Nevada and have even customized chips for shows and movies like Rush Hour 2, CSI, Soprano’s, Casino and Ocean’s 11.

If you are not that into playing and are just interested in the history or you are starting to show interest on gambling, they have over 3,000 books about poker, casino management, different table games, Mafia, manipulations, lottery, bingo, sports betting, and even Las Vegas history. Name it, they are home to the world’s biggest gambling bookstore.

Amazing Reviews

If you are not convinced why you should visit Gamblers General Store, look at their reviews. Facebook, Google and TripAdvisor have above 4-star ratings. Some reviews are:

“Lovely staff, if you need something for home gambling then this is where to go. Massive collection of all types of playing cards. Worth the trip from the strip. Thanks guys.”
-Dean from UK (Google)

“Been back from Vegas a week now and boy I miss it. This shop was a great find, spent loads of time and money in here, so much to choose from and really interesting, just as well we took an extra case with us for the return journey. Loved it.”
-Jane (Facebook)

“We have been stopping this place for the past 15 years, plenty of good books, cards, gambling supplies, and little trinkets, even have real Craps and Blackjack tables for sale. The help is always friendly. If you enjoy reading or playing cards at the kitchen table, then you must stop in.”
–Brad (TripAdvisor)

Visit the Most Famous Gambling Superstore in the World

The store is open from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM, and Sunday, until 4:30 PM only. Visit their store and get all your gambling needs. They also have souvenirs including clothing and accessories that are worth checking.

Amber Unicorn Books

A bookworm will absolutely love this place. Amber Unicorn Books has a wide array of used books that includes both fiction and non-fiction titles. The bookstore has been in the business for the past three decades. What is fascinating about this bookstore is that it has more than 15,000 of traditional, unique and rare cookbooks.

Inside Amber Unicorn Book Store in Las Vegas
Inside Amber Unicorn Book Store

A Love story Made in a Bookstore

The owners’ enthusiasm for books made them search these copies. The bookstore brought the owners Lou and Myrna together. Lou previously owned a bookstore in California before relocating to Las Vegas. He met Myrna by chance when he apologized to her due to the noise he was causing when he was about to open his store. At first, Myrna shrugged Lou away but an invitation to a dinner date came later and so the two soon enough became a couple.

Store Owners Lou & Myrna - Amber Unicorn
Store Owners Lou & Myrna

Like their marriage which is about passion and love, so Amber Unicorn Books is. There were a few store relocations and a big European book buying trip between the couple. Now they have Las Vegas’ sanctuary for bookworms who have the desire to collect rare and used books. Unfortunately, Lou died last 2017 after a short illness. The show must go on for Myrna who knows that future buyers will treasure the books for a lifetime as they would do.