Mountain’s Edge Exploration Park

Mountain’s Edge is the number one master-planned community in Nevada. On the national level, it was consistently part of the top 10 master-planned communities. There was also a time when it ranked first for four straight years!

Mountain's Edge master planned community
Mountain’s Edge is the number one master-planned community in Nevada. Image courtesy of Mountain Edge’s website.

Focus Property Group is the proud developer of Mountain’s Edge. Just like its other projects, the real estate company designed and developed Mountain’s Edge with respect to its natural surroundings. For example, it revegetated Exploration Peak, one of the recreational amenities of the large-scale neighborhood, with desert-friendly plants. 

Clearly, Mountain’s Edge will not be a top master-planned community without a reason. Aside from the homes, access to various work, education, lifestyle, and entertainment outlets were also its points of attraction. This includes offices, schools, restaurants, and of course, recreational parks!


Exploration Park is one of the two signature recreational parks of Mountain’s Edge. The other is Exploration Peak.

Mountain's Edge Exploration Park Cool Parks in Vegas
Searching for cool parks in Vegas? Mountain’s Edge Exploration Park will pique your interest with its unique features, such as a replica of a western and Indian town. Image courtesy of Mountain’s Edge’s website.

Located at the base of the mountain, Mountain’s Edge Exploration Park stretches 80 acres. Western-themed, it features playgrounds, picnic areas, water play areas, walking paths, an excavation, an outdoor amphitheater, a replica of a western and Indian town, and many more!

mountain's edge exploration park new parks in vegas
Exploration Park, one of Mountain’s Edge’s signature parks, features playgrounds, picnic areas, water play areas, and many more! Image courtesy of Mountain Edge’s website.

Aside from serving as an avenue for fun and play, Mountain’s Edge Exploration Park also serves as the main venue for the exclusive events for the Mountain’s Edge community. Furthermore, it serves as a source of abundant ideas on how to adapt a landscape to the desert environment.


The other parks available in Mountain’s Edge are Exploration Peak, Nathaniel Jones Park, Paiute Park, and Mountain’s Edge Regional Park. 

Exploration Peak

Exploration Peak is a mountain park that measures 2, 846-foot tall. You can go up the mountain via bicycle trails or walking paths, both leading you to the view of the Las Vegas Valley and Mountain’s Edge. 

Nathaniel Park

Nathaniel Park includes a basketball court, a shaded tot lot, walking trails, and picnic areas! 

Paiute Park

Paiute Park is the newest park in Mountain’s Edge. It includes a multi-purpose field, sand volleyball court, tot lots, and basketball courts. 

Mountain’s Edge Regional Park 

While the Focus Property Group built all the above-mentioned parks, Clark County is the one responsible for Mountain’s Edge Regional Park. It built the 220-acre park in phases. It has completed the 18-acre first phase already. Fitness-themed, it features exercise areas, multi-purpose turf fields, a walking trail that extends 1.5 miles, and many more! Currently, plans for the succeeding phases are underway.

Reserve a pavilion in any of the parks. Learn more about it here.

Grand Canyon West: One of the World’s Seven Natural Wonders

They say that the best experiences come in the most extraordinary adventures. What else could top of something that allows you to have the most extraordinary and unique experience at one of the seven natural wonders of the world? The Grand Canyon! Extending far and wide, the Grand Canyon West offers activities in two separate sites: The West Rim and Peach Springs.

Grand Canyon West

Whether you are in it for social media, to be one with nature, the adrenaline or just the magnificent view, the Grand Canyon West is worth to be on your list. Roughly a two-hour drive away from Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon West is a meaningful trip you will make in your lifetime.

The West Rim


Soar the Sky and feast your eyes with the most beautiful view on the Skywalk – a 10-ft. wide glass platform that can hold the weight of over 700 fully loaded passenger jets and allows everyone to get a clear view of what is 4000 ft. and extends 70 ft. out over. And what better way to remember this splendid walk than to have your picture taken by the most excellent photographers.

The Skywalk at Grand Canyon West
The Skywalk at Grand Canyon West

Eagle Point

Just around the corner of this is the Sky View Restaurant where you can eat with a view of the Skywalk and the Eagle Point. Right, about the Eagle Point. It is a wondrous rock formation that is naturally formed into the shape of an eagle. Aside from the view, the site also gives you the chance to watch the Native American Dances at the Amphitheater. You can shop for handcrafted creations by Native Hands. You can also take a tour of the Native American Village where you can see traditionally built housings, ovens, sweat lodges and dwellings of the indigenous tribes of the region.

Hualapai Ranch and Zipline

Just about a mile away from the Skywalk, you can fly proud and free 500 feet above and 3,200 feet long in the Zipline at the Hualapai Ranch.

The Hualapai Ranch at Grand Canyon West
The Hualapai Ranch at Grand Canyon West

The Peach Springs

Colorado River Whitewater Rafting

The Peach Springs isn’t short of adventures. It is the site for the Hualapai River Runners. Get that exhilarating feeling as you paddle your way through the whitewater rapids of the Colorado River. Their offer of a one or two-day rafting adventures with the most experienced river guides comes with the immersion in the culture of the Hualapai Tribe – inhabitants of the Grand Canyon even way before it was known as a natural wonder of the world. The trip takes two hours from the West Rim.

Travertine Cavern Falls

The fun does not stop there. Guests can view local wildlife. You have the chance to hike at the Travertine Cavern Falls. Enjoy a refreshing lunch along the banks of the river. And if it’s not exciting enough for you, they also offer a very unique way to get back to the Grand Canyon West Rim – a helicopter ride! Although if heights are not your thing, there are other ways to continue the adventure.

Experience Sky, Earth, and Water like you have never experienced it before. Feel your heart burst into flames of passion and happiness. The Grand Canyon West adventures await you!