Battista’s Hole in the Wall

Looking for an Italian restaurant in Las Vegas to treat your friends, family, or maybe, yourself? Get a taste of quality yet affordable food and feel cared for at Battista’s Hole in the Wall.

With the wide selection of restaurants available today, restaurant owners face the challenge of not only serving good food but also providing a unique dining experience to customers. In Las Vegas, a restaurant is receiving praises for its excellence in serving these two things. The restaurant is no other than Battista’s Hole in the Wall.

battista's hole in the wall las vegas
Check out Battista’s Hole in the Wall at 4041 Linq Lane (formerly Audrie St.) Las Vegas, NV 89109. Photo courtesy of the Battista’s Hole in the Wall website.

With an entrance that literally looks like a hole in the wall, the restaurant exudes a relaxing and cozy Italian vibe. A wide array of diverse items such as a collection of miniature liquor bottles, which is one of the world’s largest, surround the area. Photographs of notable people like Frank Sinatra are all over its walls as well.  

atmosphere of battista's hole in the wall
Battista’s Hole in the Wall exudes a cozy and warm Italian atmosphere. Photo courtesy of Battista’s Hole in the Wall’s website.


  • The founder of Battista’s Hole in the Wall is Battista Locatelli.
  • He is an Italian who went to New York with his family in 1949.
  • He moved to Las Vegas to achieve his dream of becoming a popular singer.
  • Locatelli almost achieved his dream when he caught the eye of a local producer of a certain show. Unfortunately, he didn’t push through as the show closed during rehearsals. Nonetheless, Locatelli was still able to showcase his talent.
  • He performs in his workplaces, where he also began to rub elbows with famous people (this explains the numerous photographs of famous people hanging on the walls of his restaurant).
  • Eventually, in 1970, Locatelli bought a bar in the Las Vegas Strip. He turned it into Battista’s Hole in the Wall and the rest was history.
  • In 2005, he sold it to Hannah Entertainment. Locatelli retired, but the restaurant remained to be a favorite of many locals.
  • The restaurant has provided superb food service for almost five decades already.
  • With its prominence, it appears to me that it would continue to do so for many more years.


The primary thing I am getting from all the reviews about the restaurant including celebrity chef Rick Moonen’s is this: the restaurant believes that a dinner shared with family is a good dining experience. It seemed to believe that classic Italian food is good comfort food as well. 

The restaurant serves classic, scrumptious and affordable Italian dishes that Americans have loved ever since. It also makes sure that its staff possesses excellent product knowledge and approaches customers in a caring manner. It also has accordion player Gordy Jaffe to give a musical treat. 

gordy jaffe battista's hole in the wall
Accordion player Gordy Jaffe plays sweet music to customers. Photo courtesy of Battista’s Hole in the Wall website.

From a personal standpoint, in successfully providing these to customers, Battista’s Hole in the Wall is not only able to fill its customers’ stomachs but also their hearts. The customers would leave the place feeling good not only because of the amazing food but also because of the unique and amazing dining experience they had. 


The menu of Battista’s Hole in the Wall is written on its wall. It includes your favorite Italian dishes, which I probably don’t need to enumerate any more, but for what it’s worth, some of them are Lasagna, Spaghetti, Veal Marsala, and Chicken Parmigiana. Currently, the price of a meal at the restaurant starts from $22.95 to $40.95.

the menu of battista's hole in the wall
The menu of Battista’s Hole in the Wall. Photo courtesy of Battista’s Hole in Wall’s Facebook page.

Oh, by the way, all its meals are inclusive of the following: minestrone soup or Italian salad, garlic bread as a side for your pasta, homemade cappuccino, and a house wine! Is your mouth watering already? Mine is!

As hinted, Battista’s Hole in the Wall also serves wines. White, Red, Sangria – the restaurant provides a wide selection of wines. For a complete list of everything it offers, check out the menu and wine list categories of its website.

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Grand Canyon West: One of the World’s Seven Natural Wonders

They say that the best experiences come in the most extraordinary adventures. What else could top of something that allows you to have the most extraordinary and unique experience at one of the seven natural wonders of the world? The Grand Canyon! Extending far and wide, the Grand Canyon West offers activities in two separate sites: The West Rim and Peach Springs.

Grand Canyon West

Whether you are in it for social media, to be one with nature, the adrenaline or just the magnificent view, the Grand Canyon West is worth to be on your list. Roughly a two-hour drive away from Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon West is a meaningful trip you will make in your lifetime.

The West Rim


Soar the Sky and feast your eyes with the most beautiful view on the Skywalk – a 10-ft. wide glass platform that can hold the weight of over 700 fully loaded passenger jets and allows everyone to get a clear view of what is 4000 ft. and extends 70 ft. out over. And what better way to remember this splendid walk than to have your picture taken by the most excellent photographers.

The Skywalk at Grand Canyon West
The Skywalk at Grand Canyon West

Eagle Point

Just around the corner of this is the Sky View Restaurant where you can eat with a view of the Skywalk and the Eagle Point. Right, about the Eagle Point. It is a wondrous rock formation that is naturally formed into the shape of an eagle. Aside from the view, the site also gives you the chance to watch the Native American Dances at the Amphitheater. You can shop for handcrafted creations by Native Hands. You can also take a tour of the Native American Village where you can see traditionally built housings, ovens, sweat lodges and dwellings of the indigenous tribes of the region.

Hualapai Ranch and Zipline

Just about a mile away from the Skywalk, you can fly proud and free 500 feet above and 3,200 feet long in the Zipline at the Hualapai Ranch.

The Hualapai Ranch at Grand Canyon West
The Hualapai Ranch at Grand Canyon West

The Peach Springs

Colorado River Whitewater Rafting

The Peach Springs isn’t short of adventures. It is the site for the Hualapai River Runners. Get that exhilarating feeling as you paddle your way through the whitewater rapids of the Colorado River. Their offer of a one or two-day rafting adventures with the most experienced river guides comes with the immersion in the culture of the Hualapai Tribe – inhabitants of the Grand Canyon even way before it was known as a natural wonder of the world. The trip takes two hours from the West Rim.

Travertine Cavern Falls

The fun does not stop there. Guests can view local wildlife. You have the chance to hike at the Travertine Cavern Falls. Enjoy a refreshing lunch along the banks of the river. And if it’s not exciting enough for you, they also offer a very unique way to get back to the Grand Canyon West Rim – a helicopter ride! Although if heights are not your thing, there are other ways to continue the adventure.

Experience Sky, Earth, and Water like you have never experienced it before. Feel your heart burst into flames of passion and happiness. The Grand Canyon West adventures await you!

First Friday Las Vegas

What is the first word that comes into your mind when you hear Las Vegas? Some people would probably say casinos. The city is full of casinos after all, which even led people from all over the world to dub it as the Sin Capital of the World.

For me, the word is vibrant, and it’s not because of the nightlife entertainment that some highly regard the city for. Rather, it is because of the love for the arts that is evident in its culture. This is what non-profit organization First Friday Foundation is upholding through its First Friday Las Vegas Event.

Do a little shopping at First Friday in Las Vegas.


The First Friday Foundation is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization that aims to promote local culture and arts through the First Friday Las Vegas festival. It is a huge believer in the creativity of Las Vegans and how creativity is deeply embedded in the culture of Las Vegas.

One of the murals you’ll see at First Friday

Basically, First Friday Las Vegas is an event that gives all sorts of artists and food vendors a space to showcase their passions. It is a gathering of the local community in support of local art and culture. What for? Well, it seems to me that it is all for the purpose of upholding the creativity in the culture of Las Vegas.


First Friday is held in various places around Downtown Las Vegas. This includes the Las Vegas Art District, the Fremont District, and the Smith Center. Some of the locations where the previous First Friday Las Vegas events were held are at 1025 First Street and Charleston and Casino Center. The event usually takes place from 5 pm to 11 pm. 

If you wish to showcase your art masterpieces, you can submit your application online. A jury composed of three, which can be gallery owners, photographers, or artists, will review and approve it. The application has stringent requirements. For more info, click this link. 

There are Food Vendors available at First Friday.

For food vendors, the booth fees are $400 for food trucks, $300 for food tents, and $300 for vendors that offer dessert only. For the last kind, you must send in your menu for approval. Furthermore, the prices may still vary depending on additional requirements. For more info, click here

The admission to the event is free! But as you’ve read, there will be lots of art forms and food. It only implies one thing: bring cash! And oh, you can also attend the event as a volunteer, by the way. You can help in conducting surveys, taking photos, helping in organizing the event, and many more! 

First Friday Foundation also accepts donations and sponsorships. It very much appreciates all organizations that help in making the First Friday Las Vegas possible.


Take part in celebrating local arts, thus your local culture. Check out the video below to see a glimpse of what’s happening in the First Friday Las Vegas. See you there!

The Lakes Lounge

Feeling tired of the busy life in the city? Want to take a break from all the grand and go somewhere simple? There’s a restaurant in West Lake East Drive that many locals love because of its cozy and casual atmosphere. Opened in 1987, The Lakes Lounge is a family-owned restaurant that serves classic American dishes and provides a low-key gaming area 24/7. 

The Lakes Lounge

Going over its website and the testimonials of its customers, what drives the business going for more than thirty years is this: eating with a friend is a fulfilling dining experience.

This is the reason why The Lakes Lounge treats customers as guests, makes them feel at home, and gives value on a daily basis. Mind you, these are not our words. These are the words of the restaurant as written in the About Us of its website. 

1. Treat customers as guests.

Various customers recognize the friendliness and warmth of the staff of The Lakes Lounge. Its ratings on Google and Facebook are high. On the former platform, its rating is 4.4. On the latter platform, its rating is 4.6. Scroll down for screenshots of some of its customer reviews! After all, it’s good to learn from the experience of others.

the lakes lounge review on google
A screenshot of a review on The Lakes Lounge. Photo courtesy of Google Reviews.
A screenshot of a review on the restaurant. Photo courtesy of the Facebook page of The Lakes Lounge.
A screenshot of a review on the restaurant. Photo courtesy of the Facebook page of The Lakes Lounge.

2. Give value always.

The Lakes Lounge has a lavish menu. It offers a wide selection of dishes such as steaks, burgers, chicken pot pie, and salads. It also serves beers from Ellis Island, house wines, and premium liquors. Drooling already? Check out its full menu here.

Chicken Pot Pie. Photo courtesy of The Lakes Lounge’s website.

Many customers are commending the reasonable prices of The Lakes Lounge’s dining options. To give you an idea, the price of its Dinner Specials starts at $7.99 and could go up to $14.99. The Dinner Specials comprise Turkey, Baby Back Ribs, Pork Chops, Pot Roast, Baked Half Chicken, and Premium Rib.

Turkey Special. Photo courtesy of The Lakes Lounge’s website.

As mentioned, The Lakes Lounge is also a gaming bar beside being a restaurant. It has Gamblers Bonus! It also has Video Poker, 4 Card Keno, Blackjack, Slots, and even Power Vision games such as Buffalo and Miss Kitty slots. Excited to play these games? The restaurant advises that you join the Players Club! Joining the club could mean enjoying complimentary meals and a discount on meals.

Gaming area at The Lakes Lounge. Photo courtesy of The Lake Lounge’s website.

The Lakes Lounge also holds a Player Appreciation event twice a month. It is exclusive to the members of the Players Club. In the event, a member could win up to $500 after every spin of the wheel.

3. Make customers feel at home.

This pretty much goes hand-in-hand with treating customers as guests. It offers everything but grand. It keeps everything simple and casual because it wants customers to feel relaxed.

Eat and play without inhibitions!

In the end, all The Lakes Lounge wants is for its customers to feel like they could just be themselves when they are at the restaurant. After all, isn’t that how a friend makes you feel? Like you could just simply be yourself?

Eat your favorite American comfort food and play your favorite game without any inhibitions. Go to West Lake East Drive and dine at The Lakes Lounge now!

Las Vegas Boat Harbor, Inc.

Las Vegas is one of the most fun places on earth. The state promises not only the glitz and the glamour of the world-famous strip, but also the contrast of the natural beauty it offers. Las Vegas offers many outdoor recreation spots that everyone is sure to enjoy. Just take east of I-215 from the dazzling lights of the Las Vegas Strip, continue past the Sloan National Recreational Area and Boulder City, you will reach the oasis of Lake Mead’s best Privately owned Harbor, Las Vegas Boat Harbor.

The Las Vegas Boat Harbor is the largest privately owned and operated marinas in the world.

Largest Privately Owned Marina in the World

Built in the late ’50s, Las Vegas Boat Harbor is the oldest privately owned and operated marina in the United States. The Gripentog Family has been operating this harbor since 1957. It has grown from a small marina to one of the best marinas in the Hemenway Harbor in Lake Mead. They are proud to say that they have the best marina services on the lake and throughout the Midwest.

The business was the brainchild of Bob and Betty Gripentog who dreamed of a life where they can fish more and work less. This dream became a reality after the couple had invested in a marina with 40 slips and 5 cottage style trailers. Since then, they had grown to have 1500 slips, 360 or more dry storage spaces, a couple of general merchandise stores, restaurants and a fleet of boats for rent and more.

Lake Mead offers Boating, Skiing, Tubing, Relaxing, Swimming, and Much More

Las Vegas Boat Harbor offers many fun and exciting activities. Not to mention, it has stunning views that will enthuse all kinds of visitors and all ages. The daring ones may enjoy the wave runner, jet skis and the tube for the kids. The scenic views make it a wonderful place to get away from the busy city. With its exceptional facility, it’s the perfect destination to make great memories for couples, and even families.

National Award of Marina of the Year for 2009

The secret of its success is based on the Gripentog family values where Gail Kaiser (now 2nd generation owner) has said, “It’s a family business and a family lifestyle. We enjoy working and playing with our business.” Therefore, there is no questioning on why the customer sees family style values everywhere. The owners are often seen behind counters, waiting tables, pumping fuel, and taking out trashes. They are taking the time to help out local customers because they feel like the guests are not only customers but also friends.

The Las Vegas Boat Harbor offers good food, great atmosphere, and beautiful surroundings.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Las Vegas Boat Harbor is also a socially responsible company. They give back to the community through their many programs such as:

  1. C.A.S.T. for Kids – The organization helps handicapped or blind children.
  2. Lifejacket Loaner for Kids – It is a program the Gripentogs host every year. It focuses on water safety among their many socially responsible programs that they have each year.

The Gripentogs believe that hands-on service and a family environment are the keys to their success. They are able to establish a good relationship with their clientele. The family makes Las Vegas Boat Harbor one of the best outdoor destinations in Las Vegas.

Container Park

Taking the kids to Las Vegas for a vacation makes more sense than you might think — so whether they are looking to go on rides, watch a performance, go on a hike, or just hang out around the city, Las Vegas has something for everyone. Container Park in Las Vegas will just give you the perfect recipe for an amazing vacation!

Container Park in Las Vegas

Just a couple of blocks over from Fremont Street in Downtown Vegas is one of the city’s famous attractions, the Container Park. A marketplace filled with shopping, food, and even a playground for the kids. But here’s the interesting part; it is made entirely from 43 repurposed shipping containers. Yes, you read that right. The park is built of shipping containers that spent many years sailing oceans of the world. It acts as an incubator that houses a variety of small business; hence the park’s distinctive name.


At the entrance of Downtown Container Park is a 55-foot-tall steel praying mantis sculpture at top of a dump truck

Visitors to Downtown Container Park are greeted by the Mantis. The larger than life mantis was originally created for the Burning Man Festival by aerospace engineer and artist, Kirk Jellum. The mantis is 40 feet tall and 30 feet wide and took 3,000 hours to build.

It burns about 50 gallons of liquid propane each day. It also shoots flames from its antennae that reach about 6-storeys high. The praying mantis stands at the entrance of the Container Park so there’s no way you can miss it. It operates from sundown to closing.


Inside the park is the Treehouse, a multilevel play area with a 33-foot slide. The Treehouse also has bridges, an interactive NEOS Playworld System and foam building blocks. The kids will surely get hours of fun engaging in some games with the interactive spots while the adults grab a bite or cocktail in restaurant patios that look out over the play area.

A Comfortable, Spacious and Easy to Navigate Park

A park built from numerous shipping containers.

There are also free live concerts by classic rock and folk artists, outdoor movies, and a stage for family-friendly entertainment.

Container Park serves as a retail and dining complex for locals and visitors as well as a support network for business owners. There are no brand name stores here. Only small startups that are given short leases which for many, it’s the first they’ve had a space of their own.

Small-business Incubator

Like BluMarble, an innovative shop that turns used wine and beer bottles from The Strip’s hotels into glasses, lamps, jewelry, and more. According to Communications Coordinator for the Downtown Project, Kim Schaefer, they think of the park as a small-business incubator where people can come, grow their businesses, and possibly move into a larger space somewhere else after they’ve grown their business in the Container Park.

Oasis in the Craziness of Vegas

Whether you’re a kid (or a kid at heart) or an adult, a visit to the Downtown Container Park will surely send you on an adventure. It’s like an oasis in the craziness of Vegas. The shops, restaurants, and art galleries — they all seem to be little puzzle pieces that make this place so special for all those who have visited it. It’s definitely something for everyone.